Top clan: Akatsuki is recruiting

Requirements are:

Active daily, especially when alpha spawns

6 hits (up to 8 if needed)

140k+ damage (6 hits)


PM me here with daily damage, what level alpha you’ve done the damage against, and a pic of your roster. Or just apply directly. I constantly check to see who wants to join.

PS: We have the most murmurquills of all the clans. Learn from the best and reap top alpha chest rewards.

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Yea join if you have Murmurquill. Toothless is not enough lol

Spot open, feel free to apply. Read requirements above. Still crushing all 9*.

Only clan with 4!! (That’s right 4) Murmurquill.

Looking for up and coming talent. Only requirement is damage and activity and discord.

Please PM/DM me so we can chat.

Or just apply directly. We have open space in the clan.

My team details are here.please invite in dark akatsuki please

I’m trying to get you the invite now. Our clan leader is traveling

Ok When you invite me in clan dark akatsuki

It’s a system glitch. Can’t invite you because you have numbers after your name. You need to apply to dark

My damage daily 150k against alpha 5/6


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