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Top Dinos in the game (excluding big 4)

I’d like to hear your opinions of who the strongest dinos are in the game outside of Maxima, Tryko, Dioraja, and Monolorhino


The best legendary is phorasaura. Second is monolometrodon (for legendaries)
Grypo is a nice one because of all the shenanigans it can pull off. mammolania is a fortress. Mags is tied with phorasaura for best speedster. You have tenonto, who is good, but not a top top tier. Mortem is really good. For nonhybrids, it’s marsupial lion, woolly rhino, and allo gen 2 in that order

Thylocator, bcuz it can counter all of above,
Woolly Rhino bcuz of the high damage and Swap In Strike
Magnapyritor… High speed and can’t be slowed down
And probably Tentorex

Rhino beats thylac

MRhino definitely isn’t in top 4. Tenrex is

And Magna as 5th

Magna: Because it’s a “generalist” and it cannot be slowed down in a meta where 100% speed immunity is a great asset.

Teton: Because it’s good in PvP and Raids… Best ressource investment by far.

Phoru: Because it’s almost broken and it’s relatively easy to make. Could be nerfed in the future, so long shot…

Thyco: Another dino that cannot be slowed down, so often get two shots but somewhat of a glass cannon still. Not as useful since the IIT move change, but swapping in to get 0 dmg from a full blast attack is always fun.

I would say that rhino is better than tenonto, but I also do not think it’s in the top 4

I think Tenonto got hyped up way too much from looking at that damage buff. Sure it has an insane DSR, but it can be slowed, distracted, and it’s heal is not priority. Turn 1 it can’t do much to anything with armor or shields.


Gemini, Orion, and Mammolania are the next big ones.

I hate magna but probably it’s actually better than monolorhino…

Mortem is a non-hybrid tho… Even if it has 4 moves

meh…tenonto is not as good as it looks, I think rhino, mags, monolo and others are better than it

In my opinion, also not in order:

High Tyrant: Maxima, Tryko

Low Tyrant: Dioraja, Monolorhino, Magna, Lania, Tenontorex, Mortem, DC, Gemini, Monolom, Phorusaura

High Apex: Cornubis, Spyx, Constrictor, Vexus, Erlidom, Orion, Thyla, Grypoly, Ardont, Rixis, Monostego, Indom, IndomG2

it’s great but I think dio is even better… (I know, it sucks in mortem raids)

I almost totally agree but me and edom suck…

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Why is monolorhino even among the big 4? I wouldn’t say It is that good

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Eh where’s rinex :joy:


I put mortem in its own category. I dnt put it with nonhybrids


here’s my arena one