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Top Dragons for PVP

As we are nearing the launch of PVP (hopefully), what are your opinions on the top dragons that will dominate the leaderboards? Ofcourse we dont know how exactly PVP will work, but if it is similar to quests, what dragons do you’ll expect to be on the top?
Personally I think Chestnut Murmuquil and Sawmaw will define the meta. Ofc, we can expect some nerfs with pvp launch.

This is the team I made for PvP battles with the dragons I have, I tried to use dragons with bothering abilities like Ability lock, Health lock, Revival ability, Spirit stealer and a Healer ability, the Clean Beneficial Effects of foes and Clean Negative Effect of allies abilities can be much useful :slight_smile:

Best of each color:

Purple: Murmurquill, Toothless.
Green: Sawmaw, Valiant Vingthor, Chestnut.
Blue: Stormfly, Scalestrom.
Red: Boltbeak, Cardinal Combatant.
Yellow: Auroch King, Fleetsleet.

Yeah , I would throw shifty and slaggert in there too