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Top Of The Morning Hour Of Fun, Early Riser 2:30Am Mayhem 16p

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And I Win!!! Lol

Can’t Hardly Wait😈

That Will Be The Day For Me To Do The Shovion😁

And Shove I Shall😂

And The Titles Gona Be!!!
THE Shovion Who Got SHOVED!!!
By The One And Only SweetShay23 :grin:

Then We’re Gona Do Reruns Of It All Week Long!!!:kissing_heart:

I Am Neagon!!! LOL
Awaaa. Where’s Lucille At😂

High Whistle…Low Whistle…
High Whistle… Low Whistle…
LoL In The Highest Degree!!!

THERE SHE IS!!! :tongue:

I fixed it for you.

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YOU ROCK retsamerol!!!
Sorry I Would Have Capitalized Your Name , But Wasn’t Sure If You Would See It Or Not, So Here It Is Again RETSAMEROL!!!
The Comic Version Right???
It’s The Bomb B :heart_eyes:

It Really Does Resemble Him For Sure!!!