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Top Paleontology discoveries of 2021 thus far?

Which have been your fav thus far? Hope this is ok to ask

No it’s not ok. How dare you ask

Of course it’s ok :joy:


In all seriousness, there’s too many to count. But probably the Australian Titanosaurs that were discovered just recently.


Good choice, that was clearly a joke your previous reply yes? When you said how dare I ask

The new pterosaur and titanosaur from Australia, the new anomalocarid and eagle sharks. The only thing i didn’t like is that Dire wolfs aren’t wolfs anymore. It now just feels weird to call them that


Tlatholophus, the australian ptero and the carno skin

To me it makes them way more interesting since they’re not just big wolves. We can still call them that though, just like we call Whale Sharks that even though they aren’t whales. Even scientific names don’t always make sense (e.g. Proceratosaurus being an early relative of Tyrannosaurs, not a precursor to Ceratosaurus).


Me: * nods in Basilosaurus *


Yes :rofl:

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