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Top ranked, max level players, show us one of your battles please?


first of all, congrats for all those players who are at a level i think ill never be.

but if its not a problem, and of course if you are here in forum, i would like to be inspired:

can you record and post one of your arena battles?

there are some days i was imagining how great and dramatic could be a battle between top ranked max level teams.

usually apex predators and some other alliance members.

look at these trophies:

or, omg, look at these monsters:


Its probably just going to be Thor opener and then Draco.

There ya go.


nothing? :cry:

i doubt any of the top will want to show their teams.

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why? teams are visible from the game.
we can’t even choose who we battle against, its matchmaker selected, doesn’t matter who you see battling in a video if you can’t control if you will ever face that player in arena.

maybe dont wanna show battle strategies? :scream:

Screen shots are one thing, but recording a video and uploading it my be more of a hassle than most people want to deal with.
Although I could probably do it, it just seems like a headache.
I give them a pass.

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I’ll try to post in my YT once I battle them again … which is everyday .

I used to upload regularly for our draft league.


posting and editing videos takes just a few minutes. if i was up there i would do it. i dont think you want to see my matches from the quicksand arenas.

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why 3 posts (2 mine) was flagged here? :scream:
their message texts was about apps to record battles, what’s wrong? :thinking:

button mistake?

I haven’t forgotten about this yet. Still working on it. Kinda hard to get a decent vid and I usually only get 3-4 actual battles per day. Having trouble with app crashing/lagging while recording.


Hey guys, no worries, we just wanted to ask you to use our new topic specifically for video making and editing discussions! Video Editing For Battles

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