Top Teams Using Weird Dinos


#3 using Tanycolagreus and Baryonyx Gen 2
#4 using Postasuchus
#7 using Koolasuchus and Pyroraptor
#8 using Tanycolagreus

not that they are terrible dinos, but these are people that have upper level 20 uniques and legendary hybrids, so they can use any dino they want, but they use these? am i missing something?


of course you don’t have any idea, Tanycolagreus it’s an awesome common, specially vs Indoraptor, Baryonix gen2 it’s useful but hard to level up bc it’s an arena exclusive and no one cares about him bc he doesn’t have a hybrid, then koolasuchus could be annoying if it’s overleveled and has a decent health, damage and speed and postosuchus and pyroraptor no idea, it’s better to invest in their hybrids, maybe they doesn’t have the other dinosaur to make them so they decided just give some use to their stacked DNA
pd: sorry for my bad english


:joy: i’m gonna guess you’re in arena 2…


I’ve been swapping out alot, it’s more fun that way. I don’t care about dropping down an arena. At least the incubators change up. Evasive strike, stun and swap dino’s. It’s hilarious :laughing:


@Kay. Uhhoh here we go… lol you’ve challenged his cleverness :volcano:


i mean, only top 200 in the world. clearly i have no idea about this game. please lecture me about common dinosaurs :star_struck:


Haha, no shade from my end, I’m just having fun here … and waiting on @Heather to comment on “in the world” :joy:


Top 200 pains in the butt, in the world :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My tany and I are offended


Are you top 8 though? Cause they’re using tany :kissing_heart:


I am confused too cos I have been meeting quite a few Tanys as well mostly lvl 18-20. Never seen them in a battle before this tourament though.


They became really popular once the cloaking and evading dinos came out… Haha, They were definitely neglected before that


And he will never cause he just discovered tany :joy:


wrong, really close to the top 500 :slight_smile: and looking every creature bc not everyone can handle to have a full team of legendaries or uniques, and in some cases a common, a rare or an epic could fit on your team and do a really well job, so don’t think you know everything “clever” boy


also that’s why you are top 200 and not top 1, just try to put different dinos in your team and maybe you will be the best :slight_smile:
pd: Tanycolagreus it’s an awesome choice