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Top Tier Alliance W/ Few Open Spots, NO Level Requirements!

Terminus is our alliance, ran by EddieCopia #1808 & myself, IzzieCopia #6732. We are OG players w/ many OG alliance members who stay very active. We do very well in the alliance missions & Terminus is almost always full, but currently at 46 after removing the now inactive members. Most of our members have 4-5k trophies, EddieCopia has around 6k. However, there are no requirements for level or trophy count, we welcome anyone who wants to be a part of a strong alliance & contribute what they can by staying active. If you’re into raids, or if you’d like to try them but haven’t been strong enough, we group up & strategize for raids in the JWA chat & by sharing details for group texts, but that is only if you choose to do so. We have strategies for even the most difficult raids, so even if you’re not leveled up as much as you would normally need to be for raids, we have strats that can get you through it so you can get that oh so important apex DNA. So, like I said, there’s limited spots, so if you’re active & need a helpful, strong alliance who loves dinosaurs as much as you do, regardless of your level, we have open arms! If you’d like more details, you can reach out to me or EddieCopia on twitter @IzzieNickole & @SoCo42. We’d love to have you!