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TOP500 - 500k in championship, 10/10 on mission, level 20 sancs - looking for tourney battler

We’re TOP500, one of the oldest and best alliances in this game. We have 1 open slot for a strong tourney battler.

We do well in the championship, 500k points and rank 5. We even had the winner of the last tourney.

We have a bunch of awesome members, including worldclass battlers and explorers who are more than happy to share their insight. Many friendly, highly skilled players who are happy to share advice on battle strategy, team composition, boosting, darting technique+++ We usually have around 6 top 100 ranked players and 15 top 500 players.

We have 2 level 20 sancs together with our great partners. Content is decided by votes.

We consistently do 10/10 on missions easily.

Generous donations.

We have some pretty basic rules, that hasn’t scared anyone yet. Easy going - and no drama.

We do surveys among our members to make sure everybody’s voice is heard. Excellent member satisfaction well documentet by recent survey!

International alliance with members from all over the world! English language.

…and we even have a real palentologist. How cool is that?

Can you help us to improve and want to join? Please send me a PM. 10 000 points for championship is minimum requirement.


Congratulations on your Alliance’s achievements :blush: