TOP500 alliance - 10/10 rewards - 3 level 20 sancs - looking for 1 active battler!

TOP500 has 1 slot open! We are a well-established alliance with a bunch of awesome long-time members and some newer strong additions

*10/10 on missions
*3 shared level 20 sancs
*good donations
*friendly atmosphere
*straight-forward rules
*International with English language

Many friendly, highly skilled players who are happy to share advice on team composition, boosting, darting technique+++ We even have our own graphic designer and a real palentologist!

We easily do rank 10 exploration, and rank 10 defence by smaller margin, so active battler is wanted.

PM me if you are interested!


Is this only for people rank 500 and up?

No it isn’t. Around 15 of us are top 500 rank. All members are level 20 and 5000+ battle points, but it’s not a requirement. Activity and team play are more important. At us you will progress fast with mission rewards, max sanc DNA, generous donations and inspiration from friendly top players.


This is definitely a great alliance. I joined a few months ago and received 10X the DNA donations I requested vs previous alliance. Plus, it’s easier to build up the harder to obtain Dinos due to the 3 level 20 sanctuaries.

Many great members, knowledgeable and fun to interact with. Been near Top 500 rank ever since joining…

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I’ll see about it, I’m lv16 and I’m 4200 trophies

We found a great member, and are currently full. Some of our amazing sanctuary partners have open slots. They all have 3 level 20 sancs to offer. You can get to know them over here:


A slot just opened. PM me if you are interested.

Outstanding alliance if you are looking to be part of team. Folks work together, help each other build their dinos and have fun while doing it. And of course 3 level 20 sanctuaries built in 48 hours is huge plus too.


A long-time member just quit the game. It’s an emotional moment for for us, and an opportunity for you to fill the open slot and join our awesome alliance!