Top500 Alliance needs 1 more really active members

Daily active member needed for the alliance level 20 -majority of us are all daily players hitting rank 5 with a 2-3 days left of exploration and tier 4 for defence almost tier 5 need to work on battles 4000 is a bit much . We also have a alliance Facebook group where we share and post screen shots of donations in a thread .

-Rule of Alliance if you request you have to help others with what you can . It’s just the proper thing to help others in alliance. Not that you have to request DNA then you don’t have to donate it’s optional.

Must be daily player may consider lower then level 20 if your a hour on end player

Active is the most important. :metal::slightly_smiling_face:
Either message me here or PM :ok_hand:



I’d like to join if you’re still looking. I’m very active, lvl 20, currently ranked 106.

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Sure if your a daily active player I’ll add you!
Everything in regards to our alliance is above. Also I’ll message you u. Game our alliance Facebook group which is optional to join but recommended :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Sent you an invite.:+1:


Are you still looking for someone else to join?

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Come on down people :blush:


Hey sorry we’ve filled both spots but I’ll keep updating on here if anything opens up thanks!

A spot is probably opening up today. One of our members went silent for a while never online so I’ll be seeking 1 more really active higher and the ranking the better.

-Must be active all around in game :slightly_smiling_face::metal:

Message me on here :slight_smile: