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(TOP500)-Alliance With a 5/4 on weekly missions -1 Spot now left!

Our alliance name TOP500 Still looking for NOW 1 amazing fun player that’s really active daily and can contribute to missions and join our discord and possibly Facebook too!

-Discord is used for organizing sanctuary’s and a main chat channel along with a screen shot channel for donations received .

-Top500 Alliance consists of 12 Top 500 players and our lowest player Achievements is around 4000+ .

-5/4 achieved weekly since day 1 . Alliance was started day 1.

-Want to get to rank 5 defence weekly so you must be a contributor and A competitive player level 20.

Active and communication is the most important .

We are strong alliance with amazing members and want the best for our alliance! You will love it here!

Please message me directly or here before applying. Communication is key and must be verified before joining that you can connect .

Thanks a lot everyone!

Edit- I’ve added some screen shots of our alliance and where we stand as of now on missions ! Again we finish 5/4 every week . Exploration is done with roughly 2.5 - 3 days left without any strategy . We’re looking to apply a full strategy to finishing exploration a lot faster and to finishing battles for 5/5 .

DinoLord out!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We have 1 spot Left ! Anyone who’s really active and can join Facebook or discord but we prefer discord! As long as your daily really active your what we need!

-Message Me if you have any questions or want be apart of a solid reliable strong team!