TOP500 - Amazing organized alliance 5/4 and sanctuary's now going above 15+


We’re the TOP500 Alliance with 13 Top 500 members and some amazing player base that works as a team! I’m a very great leader in which I am active 8+ hours a day most days!

-Seeking player’s that are active minimum Daily doing Darting, incubators, missions and more .
-You must contribute and be active as inactive are removed !
-Discord is a must and our Facebook alliance group is optional. We Organize on Discord for sanctuary’s and share other information like donation screen shots to fall back on to view that players that are requesting are also donating what they can.

  • Really need strong players and fun players with communication .

Come be apart of a STRONG alliance!

Dinolord- please feel free to message here or Directly! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Would you consider adding me to your alliance. I play every day, and participate in all the events.