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TOP500 looking for a battler!

TOP500 have 1 opening!


Elite alliance with tier 9 in all championships, weekly 10/10 on mission, well organized raids with great strategies, 2 or 3 shared L20 sancs, active community on Discord with pretty awesome members.

We are looking for a very active battler with minimum 1000 points + bonus per tourney. Is that you?

Do you have a discord requirement?

Yes, Discord is mandatory

hey,i would like to join your alliance…i get points including 520 bonus…my ign is Faroff #8017

Hello world! Hopefully you’re all safe and well besides COVID-19 situation.

TOP500 team is currently looking for 4 active players that can join our super lovely awesome alliance! We’re a 1st day elite alliance (very easy going tbh) with a lot of top players that will be more than glad sharing their in-game experiences with you. Seriously, we’re almost free of dramas (the only one is game RNG, but I guess, this is everyone’s right now). Well… said all of that, we offer:

  • Friendly and most important safe environment;

  • 2/3 level 20 shared sanctuaries;

  • 10/10 weekly rewards;

  • Tier 9 tournament incubator;

  • Generous donations;

  • Raid self-strategies (including for low level dinos 10); and…

  • A real world Paleontologist :cowboy_hat_face: :sauropod: :t_rex:

What we’re looking for:

  • Level 20 active player;

  • At least 10000 points in last Alliance championship; with 2000+ points per tournament in the last 4 tournaments (being 1000 the bonus);

  • Speak English (at least in our discord channel);

And of course, the candidate must read alliance rules and agree to abide by them (very simple ones).

Newcomers will be accepted next week after the end of the current tourney. If you think we can be your new family, please come chat with us in our recruitment channel (link bellow).

Hope to see you there!!! Have an awesome day!

Can I join

Hey there! I’d like to invite you to join our discord channel so we can chat better there. Hope to see you soon! Have a great day!