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TOP500 - Youki is recruiting

Hello everyone!

youki has space for new recruits! We are not a top Alliance, but we are a friendly helpful Alliance! Wanting hard working active members, who enjoy playing, climbing our way to the top!
• We are English Speaking, and International! 8/9 in Exploration, 7/8 Defense, 7/8 in Tournaments, on our way to build a lvl 20 Sanctuary.
• We help you with Apex Raids, as long as your Dino meets the requirement!

What we want?
• 3000+ Trophies
• DISCORD, ITS A MUST! For easier communication, especially for raids and strategy! Be apart of! Not a Stranger!
• Help out with weekly missions, such as Darting, Direct hits, etc. No Laziness allowed!
• 10 Take downs on weekends, if you have less than 2000 in the middle of the month, or by the end of the month, we remove you.
• Do not place in our TOP-Sanctuary!
• Chat! Nothing’s more annoying than a person who is just in the alliance and has never spoken, we want to know you!

If interested, please message me on Discord THXonline#2183 ! We want to help you grow stronger! Have a great day! Happy DNA collecting!

Hi there,

sounds good! I want to leave my ally because there are not much active members.
Do you still have a place? I´m level 19 and play very much and often.

Hey BlackBird,

thank you for writing!
Yes, there´s space in our ally for active players!
Please contact me on discord → THXonline#2183

See you soon…