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Topic is how much coinage do we actually need to play this game properly


I’ve notice since the beta game has definitely got better in ways and recently I’ve noticed more dino bucks at stops as I’m a monthly membership . I had complained days ago and now I’m seeing more dino bucks received from stops not a lot but improvement.

Now another issue I find is coinage to level up !! We need a heck of a lot for these higher levels there must be something put in the game to receive more coinage to level up some of my Dino’s are at 20,000 per level and it goes up 5000-10,000 every level it’s qlot of money needed on game if you want higher level Dino’s .
I understand some money is needed to spend on game for them to make a profit but why not add a feature to earn this or make drops have 200-500 per stop with a limit of 20-30 for coin per day but unlimited darts ect…?

Any ideas anyone? Please feel free to state anything you think of for implementing into the game a better way to get coinage for leveling or make them cheaper

I spend money regardless but monthly members should have exclusive rights to more coinage as a privilege of paying the fee !

DinoLord the one and only !!


I totally agree!
If you compare the coin requirements to games like PoGo you will notice that it grows exponentially which is pretty ridiculous. It shouldve been linear growth.


They have a similar system here as clash royale… its a grind for weeks/months to grab a small upgrade after a certain level (for free to play players). No instant gratification… just need to grind for the long haul. But assuming you can get 500 couns from stops + 3 wins (roughly another 500), thats 1k a day. So upgrading a dino every 10 days (with minimal play) doesnt seem too bad


As I suggested in my topic, it’ll be cool if we had some markets where we could sell DNA for coins.


vip is allowed to gain 2x the coins per day as non vip. so youre already getting what you asked for.


My Dino’s are 20,000 to upgrade 3 of them EACH which are my heavy hitters that would take almost a month for one dino. I’m not upgrading baby Dino’s here don’t know what ur spending but it’s minimum 6k upgrade a dino now for me. The coin helps at beginning of game but now I’m forced to spend 70$ to get 250,000 coins in order to upgrade I have 26 Dino’s waiting to be leveled up cause I don’t have enough coin and pretty much every one can be level up twice that mean I’ll probably need around 500,000k to level them all if I choose to level EVERY one but I’m not just my ones needed for hybrids or if there heavy hitters. Been playing this game for a while now …


Okay so if you do the math you can earn that exact amount of money in a single month. So; you either spend 70€ for gold or you grind one month for gold. Up to you; play the game vs easy way out by buying gold and not playing the game.

I completely disagree with this thread. Why? One question; have your ever played any rpg / mmo? I think you will understand the concept of such games quickly if you do.
Leveling requires efford; if you dont want to spend an amount of time (efford) into a game; you simply quit because it isn’t your kind of game. Games like these either are 100% truth or according to other players “pay 2 win”. Grind gold every day and earn loads of gold every day (you actually play the game) vs spend money to speed up the progress; which is a convenience btw; to level up dinosaurs easily because you have instant gols. Its up to you; take the easy way or not. I would rather take the efford way; just to save some money and still enjoy the game. Most fights are about counter-play ; not level. My level 17 dilo can slaughter level 23 dinosaurs if it is used correctly; by countering. You need gold? Grind your way through it; simple as that.

The dinosaurs have a max level; at somd point you will never spend gold anymore. Start thinking about that.