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Topic that you can't post


Refund cash
Or anything that mind stuff


What is the point of your post?


The point is I want to get my refund back as they promise


This forum is definitely not the place to do that. Their support email is the only way to get in touch with them.


I e-mail to them ,but no respond T_T//sad


I don’t know how recently you contacted Ludia’s support team, but due to the volume of support tickets they get, it might take 7-10+ days for them to get back to you. They’re not ignoring you-- they’re helping resolve the tickets submitted before yours first.


if you read the response email, they are getting a huge amount of emails. they got to do them in the order received. Heck, I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a response about a bug in the arena.

Patience, young Skywalker. You MUST learn patience.


Oh god… I have to wait right? *sign


Thank you for understanding