Topic to share ways to get new emotes

It’s been said on the release notes that some emotes are hidden inside certain rewards… If you find out how to get ones, please share it here :wink:
Also, there is one emote already on your messages in game, go get it



yay more toxic emotes.


I really like emotes


I cant understand why you say this…



Why can’t they add nice emotes, like “Sorry”
Hopefully that is one of the emotes


i’ve been wanting a sorry and a confused emote.


Looking at the new emote tab which is literally almost an exact cut and paste of clash royale emote tab. I only say almost cause their is no tower skins in jwa.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most emotes are gonna be shop bound. In clash they are almost always tied to shop purchases or earned through the battle pass. We know Ludia loves to borrow from them.


I can already see people spamming the laughing emote at my poor little team while they have their nitro boosted dinosaurs ripping mine to shreds.


Lol well if they go full into copying clash royale emote system in the future we could have Dino emotes instead of Mr. Dna.

Like a laughing dracocera right before the swap in. Or someone with a nitro Thor with a crying Thor emote.


How did you get that last one?

I got that one through the 6 hour incubator

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I just opened one, didn’t get it :sob:

Oh no! Well this is a close up if your interested: image


How did you get that

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Fine with me; easier to ignore. I loathe animated emojis, blocked that nonsense the moment I figured out how, and can’t fathom why this “feature” would attract or retain any players. Or why they might generate any revenue.

Emotes are definitely not on the very short list of things I find enjoyable about the game.

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I got that emote through the 6 hour incubator.

Saw this on FB. Any idea how to get it?


it so hard to get it

where in the game do i find these new emotes .?.
is there a list of the ones you have in your game at all.?.
Oh before i forget i found one of them through taking out
an * EPIC STRIKE TOWER * earlier on today
( it was the single battle epic strike tower not the multiple battle one ( 3 to 5 battles ) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And if they do that to me, and luck is on my side and I kill their nitro, I’ll laugh at them.