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當我重置無牙仔活動時本人之前本身有2295付文, 但當重置後 顯示本人 尚餘附文495
但是 本人記得 重置時所需用符文大約180-200左右


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Tryna save you guys because it happens way too much.

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When I reset the edentulous activity, I had 2295 payment before, but when I reset it, I showed that I have attached 495.
But I remember that I need to use a rune about 180-200 when resetting.
Even if it is time to reset the rune again, it is 450
Why are you deducting more than a thousand texts?
Developers spit


Hey Eddie_Cheung, could you contact our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to assist you with this. Thanks!