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TopoftheFoodChain Recruiting Active Members (Top 300 Alliance)

We here at TopoftheFoodchain is looking for some new active members. We are a very active and friendly alliance to be a part of. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries we share with other alliances. We also usually reach the high exploration/defense incubators each week. There are a few inactive on our roster we are thinking about replacing so if you are interested let me know. There are a few rules. You MUST join our discord. We also ask that you try not to go inactive for more than a week without letting us know. And participation in the weekly tournament is required. Even if its just to knock out the 10 dinos. We have a bunch of high level players that help our lower levels win raids. We post strategies and group buildings on discord. We have beaten mortem countless times now with all sorts of level Dino’s. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks

Is there still availability for your alliance I would love to join!

Yes we still have a spot open

007 Just send our alliance a request to join and we will see you.