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Total hybrids owned and DNA amount used just to purchase just over four years

Here is a breakdown of hybrids owned at this point in time DNA is purchased amount only does not include the evolution costs. I have been playing for just over four years. (DNA totals of Jurassic, Aquatics , and Cenozoic -13,978,080) (Total Creatures - 488) (Jurassic-444) (Aquatic-30) (Cenozoic-14) (Total Creatures per level)-( L10=6) (L20=12) (L30=10) (L40=52) 2 are waiting to hatch. Hopefully everyone will share their information and years playing


That is a lot of DNA.


And that’s just for hybrids purchase only not counting the evolution of these hybrids no way for me to get that information

Wow I guess we don’t want to have a friendly conversation between players of this game about only hybrids and the amount of resources they have cost and the total we have accumulated and the length of time playing sorry if this is a boring topic

I just haven’t spent the time yet to tabulate all of it, I know it will be a lot less, as I have only been playing for a little over a year and half.

It is not so easy to count them. I have so much to do with the events, I simply don’t have the time.
I have no problem go share my data with you guys but it is gonna take a while.

@Sionsith that’s a good start playing a year and a half by the time you get to four years you will have done the same are even more

@Tommi I was just sitting around bored after finishing all the events today plus I’m disabled so I have a lot of time to gather the information so I understand

That’s very cool that you took the time to do this, but I doubt that I would do the same.

I do tally up which creatures that I still have left to unlock and/or max out; which is much more manageable for me…

I still need to do the following:

  1. Max out Megarchelon


  1. Max out Mammotherium


  1. Max out Spinotasuchus


  1. Unlock, then Max out Leedsichthys

  1. Unlock, then Max out Hyneria


You forgot to tell how long you have been playing this game

Sure did, welp let’s see… I’ve been playing this game since just before the first Jurassic World movie came out. I know it wasn’t right when this game released, so I must have started playing back in either late May or early June 2015. So just over four years now, and I’ve also been a VIP Member since that became available for purchase.

This game has definitely grown on me over the years to become my favorite cellphone game… Initially it came off as a bit of a money grab to me compared to JP Builder (JPB), which was the spiritual predecessor to this game. I think I felt that way because I was able to beat all of JPB and max out every creature without spending very much money… Matter of fact I could have done it without buying anything if I had been a little more patient, which I always appreciated about JPB. When JWTG premiered there was definitely some sticker shock when I realized how much the packs cost and it definitely felt like this game was reaching for my wallet way more than JPB.

But aside from a few features that didn’t make it over, JWTG has definitely proven to be a worthy successor to JPB. The quality of the graphics and animations are vastly superior and the creatures definitely look better in JWTG.

I do miss the format for the tournaments in JPB, but that’s mostly just nostalgia talking there… JWTG’s battles and tournaments are definitely better and I don’t think anyone would have wanted the exact same thing in that department anyway.

The only features that I really miss from JPB, which I’m still shocked about that JWTG lacks, are:

  1. Moving guests on the roads.

I still don’t understand why we don’t have this. There are roads, but nobody to fill our beautiful parks with. This was in JPB, granted via moving vehicles and not people, but I always loved this feature in the previous game… If there were issues incorporating this into JWTG four years ago, I get it… But this is definitely something that’s possible to put into this game now and would make it so much better and more immersive. I would go as far as to say that one could reasonably expect this in any game in the tycoon genre in 2019.

  1. The ability to add friends, view other parks, and trade resources

I miss this part of JPB a lot. It was always nice to peek into other parks and see what other people created in JPB (if for nothing else, just some creative inspiration). This always felt like a tangible way to interact with the community, especially when gifting and/or trading resources that I didn’t really need to others.


I haven’t played JBB for many years now, but I remember there was some kind of code 19 in it too. It was a countdown timer for carnivores. The reward was bigger the lower the remaining countdown was when it was stopped.
Much much better than the actual code 19 in JW The game.


Oh yeah! I totally agree, Code Red was awesome. The scores and leaderboard was so much fun too- Code Red was another cool little Community-building feature of that game.


Thanks @DantheMan, you renewed my memory of the good old days. This code red was so exiting.


@Tommi and @DantheMan I never played JPB sounds like it was a fun game the way I found JWTG was win my wife told me about it I had just been taken out of work on a medical issue that became total disability she thought this would help me try to get past not being able to work again and she was right I really enjoy playing this game and I also agree this is the best iPhone game that I play sure helps to keep me inspired to keep moving forward and I really enjoy this forum because it seems too have players that also enjoy this game