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Total Nightmares 2 is recruiting! Please join us!

Hello, many members of our previous clan/clan leader had become inactive, and we got stuck on 3-4 star dragons. Our active members decided to move on to a new clan. Please join us to fill out our roster! We are looking for players with a team score above 3000. Our goal is to down 4 to 5 + star dragons, please be active and patient while we work our way back to 4 to 5 + star dragons.

Hello again! We are currently looking to fill out our roster. We are 13/25 and are consistently downing 3 star dragons. Come join us! Many members are 5000+. Please have a team level of at least 3000. Inactive players will be removed.

Hello, I am semi-new to the game with a 2400 point team and would like to start earning 3 star dragons. I can play 4-6 alpha battles and play daily. I know I am under the required team level but would heavily appreciate an invite.

Total Nightmares 2, is now back to 4 and 5 star dragons. We have 3 spots that just opened up. Please join us, we need a few more strong members to start tackling some 6 star dragons. Inactive members will be removed, and please have a team score of at least 3000.

Hello again!

We have downed our first 6* dragon and have a couple of spots available. Please have a team level of at least 3500, above 3500 is preferable. Please also be an active contributor! I will be removing players for low participation and low team level.