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Totally Broken Invincibility for Tryko

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Bug Description: Invincibility does not work

Area is was found in: Gyro

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use invincibility
Step 2 - Watch it disappear and see your Tryko die

Was in Gyro arena with Tryko. The other player brought out Erli. My Tryko was already on the field. He/she cloaked. I used invincibility - which never appeared. They hit with Distracting Impact, killing Tryko.

How often does it happen: Occured once, that’s enough.

What type of device are you using: Galaxy S8

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Not broken. That’s just how the move works according to ludia that’s how you “out play” an opponent


Interesting. Don’t like it at all, but interesting.


Thanks for the link @Thylo_75. Just read through the whole thread. What a mess! Wish I had not boosted now. This game gets more and more confusing by the day.

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Adds a bit more strategy, and erlidom needs a boost anyways

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Before update 2.0 when an Erlidom used cloak and Tryko used II IN the same turn, the shield stayed up because Erlidom used Revenge Cloak first but now for sme reason its different and counts as Tryko using its turn with II… So, nothing you can do to stop Erlidom unless you play it differently and only use II to stop the damage, not like what i did and try to slow it down while Erlidom used RC. xD


Agreed. I had pulled my lvl 28 Erli off my team because it seemed pretty worthless, but this is a major change. Seems like the shield is pretty worthless now.

Actually it’s still good. My 23 megalosaurus killed a 26 set-up meiolania thanks to how shields work

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It’s certainly not worthless, it just creates more risk and guesswork of your opponents intentions.

For example, I had Tenontorex out against an Indo. I had hit it once and slowed it down, and I had 3 options.

  1. Defense Shattering Impact
  2. Distracting Impact
  3. Resilient Strike

Now if the opponent cloaked and I used either 1. or 2. I wouldn’t have killed Indo if cloak was successful (although i didn’t have time to calculate the DSR). Then the Indo would have been faster next turn.

So I took the gamble that they would cloak and so I used Resilient Strike again. The gamble paid off because they cloaked, I then removed cloak and slowed it down again.

So the priority shield issue on a slower creature creates more risk and guess work of your opponent, which I quite like.


Unfortunately, it was changed due to numerous complaints. It’s sad because there will always be someone disliking a certain aspect of the game. As Ludia continue to listen and change the game, I can see the outcome getting worst and worst.