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Totally demoralising

I have read these forums for about 9 months now (about 1 a week, more near the time of an update), but never posted and have created an account just for this post.
I’m an average player 4.9k trophy count, uniques about level 24-27, achieved through the odd purchase and in the last 2 months I upgraded to the monthly pass as despite still thinking over £80 a year for a mobile game is stupid I pulled the trigger and try to forget the cost and focus on the benefits

I thought the concept of this tournament was a great idea, it levels the playing field and made it all about strategy (and a bit of luck). I loved it and battled more yesterday than I think I have in the last 2 weeks combined, as I always focus on darting

I went to bed last night at about rank 200, thinking that I could maintain that and I would be delighted. However I awake to the news about how certain players had been exploiting a loophole to climb the leaderboard. For 4-5hours of battling yesterday, every time I saw that button I ignored it as I thought I best sit it out in the lobby as AI matches don’t count (how wrong was I)

I’m done with the tournament now, I actually don’t feel like darting at all today, but I will just about to help get my alliance over the line on the last level of alliance missions. My view is that if those at the top have done this, others lower down will have done the same once it became known just to try and keep pace (as I said at about rank 200 I could see the option to battle AI just ignored it)

I’m not daft enough to think anyone will care if I play on or not (I will but it’ll take a few days for me to be motivated again). But I do hope someone takes notice of this, i believe for every voice on this forum there is at least another 10 who like me choose not to post on forums. They learn through their alliance chat like I did today about how exploitation continues to ruin the game, they too will start to drift and question how much they really should spend playing a game (time and actual cash).

I get the human nature desire to cheat and exploit, it’s just disappointing to see, and makes me realise i shouldn’t be spending money on a game, that I can still enjoy just free to play.
I need to temper my own ambitions, realise that that I won’t get the high trophy count or the uniques quickly, but I can play whilst the game is popular and then when others come along (games come and go) I can swap knowing I haven’t invested anything other than time in the game.

So there you have it, I don’t expect things to change, I don’t expect people to care about me, but I just want people to understand how a (slightly above) casual player feels about what has just happened.
Totally Demoralised


Thanks for sharing mate! :black_heart:

Many passionated players, who in the end feeling betrayed by this company.


There are hundreds, if not thousands just like you that saw that button and didn’t press it. I didn’t, no point to if there was suppose to be no reward.

Totally agree. I don’t know why they included the AI option at all - there’s no incubators like in regular play, so really why have it at all for Tournaments.

I was a big fan of the concept - personally I really liked the turn based battle and the (more) skill-based collection system. But honestly, loopholes, bugs and a metagame that been unbalanced one way or another almost constantly from worldwide release is turning me off the game. I actually used to watch the ads on the supply drops just so I could contribute that few cents to the company, but now? I honestly wouldn’t buy anything with real cash no matter the discount.

Look, I appreciate the improvements that have happened. But the reason I can’t stand so many of these issues is that they seem really preventable if someone had just run them through a testing team. The raptor meta, the slow-battles-due-to-tanks meta, Tuora being overpowered from the start then underpowered for so long, insufficient creatures for people who play by walking around, the divisiveness of SISR, the ragequit nature of RNG, the underpoweredness of the Darwin hybrids (and basically all tanks prior to 1.7), 1.7’s sluggish darting and timeout issues…all of these seem like they could have been caught by the developers before launch. That’s what annoys me.

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100% agree! Thanks for sharing :black_heart: