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Totally Dissatisfied with the game

Ludia, I am extremely dissatisfied. I have been for over a year now. Through the thick and thin, I have stayed. I have been patient. I have been an advocate. And I have also been critical. I did what I could to support this game because at it’s core it’s a phenomenal game. I love JP and JW, and this is the most extensive JP/JW game that I’ve played. And so it breaks my heart to have this game to turn into such muck. I simply want to communicate to them how poorly this game has changed and how I perceive their decisions.

Playable Bosses:

It was a novelty at first with Omega, then I became fed up with Juggy upon unlocking her but tolerated it, and now I’m flat out not amused with the addition of Valk.

@Sionsith said it best here:

  • There is no integration with the core game.

With every boss added it’s just the same lame initial update with a new coat of paint. There is very poor diversity among the battles, and they are useless if you don’t invest ludicrous amounts of BDNA to reach higher rewards. Now with several bosses added, what’s the point of leveling any of them up to Level 40??? We’ll just get a new boss in the coming updates, and there’s still no real reason to participate in the Boss Events.

Thus they are just glorified Gyrospheres events, or even Boosters for those vets who remember what they were. You have to go out of your way to make use of the playable bosses, put immense blood, sweat, tears, and time into these events, only to get worthless rewards…

  • Worthless Rewards

It’s actually just a lovechild between the Gyrosphere Rewards and Wave events. Most players who’ve I’ve met, dislike Gyrospheres NOT because of their gameplay, but because the rewards are so very poor. The gameplay is so different and requires depth in strategy, but it’s all worthless when the best possible rewards are Common Hybrids… Aka the equivalent of Base-Game Super Rare dinos…

And now with bosses, it’s utilizing the LAME prize wheel mechanics with the highest combined probability being Food and Coins. THEN, those resources come in worthless amounts.

What actually makes it worth doing is the SDNA you get from completing the events. That’s it for me :joy:

  • Valk introduces dangerous mechanics.

Valk is locked away, and is only obtainable AFTER you obtain both Omega and Juggy. It takes 22,000 to just unlock both of them, and then tack on another 9000 BDNA for Valk.

Every other dino in this game is unlocked when unlock events come up. THE ONLY dinos who need prerequisite dinos are Hybrids, and S-Hybrids. HOWEVER they do NOT need those dinos unlocked. You can obtain 8 Pyroraptors and evolve them to Level 40 without unlocking her, and then fuse her with a Level 40 Carnotaurus which also may or may not be unlocked to obtain the Hybrid, Carnoraptor.

Meanwhile Valk introduces the notion that you have to unlock the dinos, or in this case bosses, before obtaining her.

This is a DANGEROUS test that Ludia is doing, and I will not stand for it. I recall Ludia implementing Prize Wheels into daily events over card packs, and now look how Playable Boss Battles ONLY have Prize Wheels for rewards. Valk might just be a test to see if they can get away with locking dinos behind other dinos with the only unlocks being unlocking prerequisite dinos.

Update 52

I believe this update will go down infamously as the worst update to this game. It broke SO MUCH of the core game for so many. All we got added was 1 more playable boss and a QoL update to the beacon. (also new dinos I guess but they are released over time). So why does this game crash for a lotta players? Especially after random occurrences AFTER this update was released?

It shows that there is very poor QA testing, which has shown itself as a problem because now CORE MECANICS are breaking. @Jurassic_Fury has voiced the brunt of the issues. I, myself not being able to play ANY EVENT without crashing or reverting.

These core game mechanics breaking now only demonstrate that adding “fluff” like playable bosses just added a nightmare for bug fixing. But Ludia is trying to trudge these murky waters and insist on making these updates and features relevant. And now this game is basically going through a blackout over that weekend where players cannot physically play aspects of this game. Including me, who could not play ANY aspect of this game without crashing and reverting progress. It’s upsetting. Absolutely upsetting. This should have never made it through QA. I understand mistakes happen, but I have seen such poor PR from Ludia, and so this blackout spans Ludia’s communications as well.

The issues keep growing:

And to be totally honest, this update is just the last straw that I have been able to put up with.

  • I rate it 10/250 compensation

Obviously 250 DB for compensation makes up for the entire week I spent NOT playing. I guess I’m an actual fool for thinking the compensation would be the bare minimum… This is actually the rotten slag of the bottom of the barrel as far as compensation goes. Funny how Ludia has given out more compensation for previous bugs than the 250 DB for an unstable build of the game.

Then players like @Jurassic_Fury and I just get swept to the side, and nevermind the support we have poured into this game. There is obviously no respect here.

Gen 2s and JWA ported dinos

On one hand, I’m thankful that this game is receiving a plethora of friendly faces to this game. On the other hand, it’s a cop out of actual development of this game.

It’s like I’m paying for the experiences of JW;TG, but getting hand-me-down content from Alive. Dare I say, it’s not even that good of content???

Nothing but Gen 2 ports. Pretty much all have extremely similar stats and are ALL tournament legendary, aside from Ankly Gen 2 who pushed Wuerho to SG status:

Image courtesy of @Cagkan_Coskun

Dilophoba was a breath of fresh air, and I wish that Ludia would bring more Hybrids and S-Hybrids from the game instead of basic dinos of whom all become Tournament Dinos with lame and similar stats.

Then with Ankly Gen 2 it shows that Ludia is willing to have Gen 2s in different rarities, which hasn’t happened since the release of Gen 2s with Trex and Velociraptor.

Thus the tournament scene has become cumbersome and oversaturated with these new dinos, of which are useless to new players and late-game players such as myself, where I only care about collectability factor.

These dinos can easily be added in different rarities, allowing for easier ports of Hybrids and S-Hybrids of whom don’t have to be Tournament-Hybrid status.

All in all, I am done supporting Ludia and patting them on the back when they do something. I am done sugar coating my dissatisfactions for this game. Ludia has absolutely been disrespectful and if they don’t want to care about player input then I don’t want to care about Ludia’s bottom line.

This game is only a shell of what it used to be.


Wow thats lots of complaints :rofl: and i think none of it was attended by ludia


Exactly! That’s what I reeeeally want from Ludia even more than events for out of rotation aquatic and cenzoic


Don’t forget the rewards👀

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I don’t disagree with you, but keep in mind this game is much closer to end of life than the beginning.

It doesn’t make business sense to invest a lot into it.

Coved brought new players, but update 52 may have driven away a lot of players too.
None of us know what the margins are on this game, but it looks like porting things from JWA is the core path for upgrades now, due to cost effectiveness.

I don’t see getting a response from ludia that you are looking for. :pensive:


Couldn’t have explained it better myself :clap:


It’s the same amount of effort porting a 3D model of a hybrid as a Gen 2.

Ludia isn’t doing any integration with the bosses either.

That stuff is bare minimum effort and they can’t even do that.

Don’t need one. Just shouting into the void like I always have.

Idk maybe my time is up and no longer have a use for the game. Nothing lasts forever, it just seems like Ludia is slowly killing the game, especially for vets like me.


Tbh the playable bosses aren’t totally worthless. You can get 1000 lp, 100 (or 200 i cant remember) db, and 400,000( or 4 mil cant remember) food.

Nah bosses are pretty useless, anytime I do one I get a coins pack.

Like why…

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I spent 30 bucks on a battle and got 40 bucks back once lol. Its not that bad tbh…

They are the absolute worst rewards of any event. 40% chance of coins or food.

For the highest prize wheel food pack, it’s 59,700 food. Not 4 mil or 400,000. Just under 60,000. The battle for survival event gives a guaranteed 238,800 food and takes a fraction of the time if you have the common hybrids…

Don’t even get me started on the coin packs…

Now calculate how expensive it is to feed and level up a boss until max level. Congrats, you’ve wasted an enormous amount of time, resources, and potential money if you bought BDNA for a 40% shot of worthless prizes.

Then because each tier has it’s own card packs, it’s an RNG system inside an RNG prize wheel.

Then calculate how much time is needed to reach the highest prize wheels…

It’s a big joke.

If you like being ahead 10 DB then knock your socks off, and enjoy the events. If you’re missing out on tournament dinos then cool, GL getting your boss to L31+ to be able to unlock that prize wheel, just for a shot at getting an RNG card pack inside that RNG wheel.

It’s only worth the DNA, and that’s obtainable after the first prize tier is reached…


Wow, i though that JWA was broken.No wonder i haven’t opened JW;TG in like a month now


I agree with everything except Update 52 being the worst update. I honestly think the November 2019 change was the dumbest update in the lifespan of this game. It was an unnecessary change to the cenozoics that is even more apparent now with Dilophoboa absolutely towering over every other Cenozoic in the game right now. It also made so many battle stage unlocks restricted to events, which just completely messes up the early game players, because why are dinosaurs designed for early-mid game locked away for god knows how long. Just look at Pyroraptor…

I will say Update 52 is pretty close behind though lol.


For the most part, I liked the Cenozoic reshuffle. Eliminating the Rare scarcity was neutral. And bringing Cenozoic Ferocities inline with other creatures of the same Rarity was definitely a good thing.

Now removing creatures from Battle Stages and the unlock rotation, on the other hand? That was a huge slap in the face to the Community


52 is the worst because about how little content we got and how it totally broke the game.

The cenozoic reshuffle was highly necessary, and I wish they’d do it again on certain ceno dinos.

Diloboa is justified for it’s stats, it’s just there are no cenozoics who are on par with her power level. The other Tourney Hybrids are made from just 1 hybrid and thus are weaker. And because Ludia only ports dinos/hybrids, it will be a loooong time before any cenozoics are on par with her.


Dilophoboa’s stats are fine, it’s just an OP creature in a nerfed part of the game which makes it stick out a lot rn. But I don’t see what was wrong with the old cenos. Most creatures like Mammoth were given appropriately high DNA costs to compensate for their incredible stats, and their deviation from standard ferocities brought something new to the battle imo.

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I gotta say I agree with this. I may not have been affected by that crash, but my main issue is with the terrible bosses and “new” creatures from JWA. It’s not really the same as giving JWTG a new Dino that neither have. So many Gen 2 creatures are useless. Trike could have been Styracosaurus. Kapro could have been Purussaurus with the same color of the current Kapro Gen 2. Anky Gen 2 could have been Crichtonsaurus. Spino Gen 2… actually ya that kinda was needed. JWA models are fine every once in a while, but they don’t need to be constantly added in. Now for the bosses. I’ve already made my rant on that. No food or coins past the first wheel, give it better dinos and packs, and actually make the bosses worth the 20-30 bucks you pay for a single battle. There is no excuse for Ludia to be doing this. It just shows they don’t care about the players. I love this game. It’s great with what it could do. But with the recent additions, it seems like your trying to slowly get players to stop playing so that you won’t get nearly the backlash when it’s shut down. Please stop this. If you want to stop the updates at a certain point (hopefully some time much later) that’s ok, but don’t pull a JWB on us. This game still can be fun, but Ludia, you need to stop this madness. Your art team is amazing, and you can utilize that for new dinos to come in. Listen to players for once. Release a survey about the bosses and what could be changed, and listen to the good ideas. Get this, people will pay more if the product is actually something useful or fun. And by increasing the quality, you get more new players, older players will play more, and others will spend more, which means more money. Isn’t that what you want? To make money so that you can pay the staff and keep these games alive? This way we all win. But if you don’t do some of these things, and fast, you will lose a lot of paying customers pretty soon. And we know you don’t want that Ludia. So please, stop this train before it gets derailed. It will save a lot more hassle.


Painful‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎


I disagree with the exclusivity factor among lower rarities.

But I do agree because it seemed like Some Hybrids were too easy to gain before the nerf. So i can sorta see where Ludia is coming from.

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Reordering the battle stages is justified.

Making creatures only from occasional earth shattering events could be justified to make the gameplay longer.

Removing creatures from being unlockable altogether especially those with hybrids is not justified imo.