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Totally Dissatisfied with the game

the dinos and hybrids come with the time no need to rush the gameplay…


I wouldn’t say “nerfed”. It’s just undeveloped.

OG Mammoth was better than the VIP dinos. Said VIP dinos could not be obtained with DNA.

And the Rare Cenos were basically useless, thus limiting the higher rarity tiers to a few dinos.

Yeah, an unbalanced roster lol.


I also don’t like that the game says its online but you don’t even battle real people! So i don’t understand why you still need wifi to play the game!


There is no peer-to-peer connection, thus no way to battle other players.

However the game still connects to a server, where the data is stored from events and such.

My problem is that the game has become to finicky with the connections. I experience 1 hiccup and it’s “connection error” and logs me out. Even on home WiFi it pulls that lame screen.


Wait, you don’t play against actual people in the PVP arenas? I thought that I saw some legitimate Facebook profile pictures up by the timer. Does anyone know how this happened?

It’s because when you link your FB account, Ludia will use your pfp in-game. Despite this illusion, there is no way for players to fight other players. The “PvP” is all just an illusion.



We have had cases where players from the forum have ‘fought’ recognisable other players from the forum. Those players could confirm they weren’t actually fighting the same battle. It hasn’t happened to me yet but I am looking forward to recognising someone’s picture at some point.


I think that some players in the PVP arena make decisions so irrational that no computer could ever come up with that. How would this be explained? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, you have really good evidence, I’m just asking some questions.

Ive had that happen to me too countless times. I think the computer does that especially when it thinks it has no chance of winning anymore against me. So like Id have 2 dinos left with 4 reserve and the AI would have 1 dino (no advantage) with 4 moves. So because it thinks that Ive got the upper hand now, it would just attack 4 without even trying to win anymorez But thats just one of the cases where they become “irrational”.

Not players, it’s all just an AI. The stupid decisions are because the game calculates win percentage and thus if you lose too many it’ll start throwing you a bone so you can win some… Unless you are trying to sandbag in a tournament…

There is no way in this game to vs other players.

  • In “PvP” battles there is a chance that you go second, why is this not carried over to tournaments?
  • Why are there no social feature(s) anywhere else in the game?

There are other countless points that are scattered across multiple threads. All I can say is that in no way shape or form is there any multiplayer aspects of this game. Everything done is just an illusion. From the facebook profiles to the random game strats that the “enemy” pulls.

  • Bosses are good diversification in addition to the basic game i am happy for high % to get jantar and I am personally looking forwardto alpha 6
    (nobody forces you to ounlocking them and play their events)

  • Personally i like very new creature - gen 2 also as here is still chance to get correct model my top fav. allosaur via gen 2, also i am happy new gens 2are tournament or vips (we can get our favorites which we can use also in later game (expl. triceratops and dilophosaur are very favorite dinos of most players, but they arent usuable for later game, but their gen 2 are)
    (It would be waste for me to get expl allo gen 2 with correct modeal as a super rare, bec it will no usable for 99% of events)

PvP rewards should be better
tournament rewards shoud be better + added LP to wheel

I dont agree with exclusivity of lower rarity dinos + some normal legendary, but for Luck they can still be obtain by players

Monday and Thursday events are only really annoying things, they just repeat the same creatures until it made us fool

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Necro-posting (reviving old threads).