Totally Lost in Jurassic World

Hello Guys,

I’m new to the game and I’m totally frustrated right now. If the dinosaurs didn’t look so great, I would probably be gone by now. I have so many questions and so many things that annoy me: Crashes all the time, forced logging into Facebook, new login whenever I tap out of the game, frustrating PvP battles, fraud with the “Buks” (don’t get the rewards), the “promocode” for Google Play doesn’t work because I need a browser in my phone, that I have of course - what the hell? … - I don’t even know where to start.

In addition, I am totally bored now. There’s nothing to do in the game at all. Yes, I could be collecting money every few seconds, but that’s it. The dinosaurs need forever to regenerate, in PvP the rewards for the rare victories are not worthwhile at all, because I have to pay 5 buks for each fight. I do the daily quests, pick up the free bag every six hours, and every now and then food. DNA is rare so I have to be carefull on which dino to spend once or twice a day… Is that really it? Maybe I’m doing something totally wrong?

For your orientation: I am level 17 and am currently trying to bring the weak dinosaurs that I have to level 40, because the combat level 16 is impossible for me right now. What am I doing wrong? I barely play the game for two days and I’m already stuck?

And can you help me with a specific question? I don’t understand how much damage the dinosaurs do. If I attack once I seem to do the damage shown in the top left corner. However, if more than one attack hits, the damage does not seem to be linear, but instead causes additional damage for each additional hit. Is that correct and how can I assess it?

And my last question for now: What is the hologram doing? Just collection all the money every three hours?

I thank you for any help and I’m sorry for beeing sad about the game and taking it out on you right now…

PS: Oh, I forgot one thing. The dinosaurs go crazy every now and then and I have to calm them down. I get special DNA for that. How much of it do I need to be able to do something with it? It is unbelievable that the game offers no transparency at all about such things :frowning:


Yeah, those low park level just take time to work though. Focus on the missions. You have only unlocked half of the game at your park level.

Many of the events scale by park level or the strength of you top few Dino’s. So don’t over level just a couple at the top.

As for attack, it multiplies progressively.

Attack points = attack strength multiplier
6=12x (maybe 12.4, never had a 6 point attack that close.)


It takes time and a lot of patience to build your park. You won’t get everything as fast as you think. Every end game player here has gone through years of grinding and playing to get to where they are. Just try to get adjusted and go with the tie, you’ll be fine.

As for the dinosaurs going crazy, yes, that’s called Code 19. If completed, it’ll give you Super DNA (S-DNA) which can be used to create Super Hybrids. Tap on your DNA menu to see how much S-DNA you have for each hybrid.

Badge Beacons work exactly like Revenue Towers in that their only purpose is to collect all the coins in a certain area. The more dinosaurs you get and the more you level them up, the more the beacon will grow, and subsequently it’ll unlock colors and more dinosaur holograms for you to decorate it.

Attack multipliers have already been clarified by Timmah, but a little correction is that 6 = x12 and 7 = x15.4.

You are still level 17, relax, everything will clear itself up the more you play and you’ll see the real magic of this game.


Thank you so far. I have no problem with slow progress. Just wish there would be more to do…

As for Code 19 - how much DNA do I need to unlock those special species?


It depends on if you have the dino. The current SDNA are used to unlock their creatures by a hybrid. For example, if you get pyroraptor and carnotaurus to level 40, you can fuse them to make carnoraptor, and if you get level 40 carnoraptor, you can use 1700 dimetrodon SDNA to fuse it into Dimetrocarnus.
S-hybrids generally have a lesser cooldown and are very good.
These are the current SDNA:

If you click on dna in the park screen in the top left, then press more under each sdna, you can see which dna makes which hybrid.


Also, could you show us your lineup? We can help by recommending which dinos to get.

And in response to your first post, there is a list of instructions of what each resource does in the top left settings button


It’s gonna suck. I’ve been in this game since day 1 and the first 4-7 months are just slow. It just takes patience


I feel like I didn’t really have that experience, as I started on twelve days of trex mas so my stygy was there from beginning, so it was relatively easy for me to start


This thread should help incredibly:

Everything you need is in this thread that has links to everything you are asking about.


Stygy Tournament when :pleading_face:

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I don’t remember the gifts they gave last year. Did they give out a VIP pack or points?


They gave various resources for he 12 days ranging from bucks, DNA and LPs and the last day was a Brachiosaurus


First of all thank you all so much for the help. The information for the damage was a breakthrough for me - battles have been become very easy since then.

Do you have any hints what to use the JW-Points for? Considered buying the 10.000-JW-package once in a while to receive some legendarys to start with?

Unfortunately, since day-change today the game always crashes when entering the battle-modus… same experiences anywhere?


They’re called loyalty points (LP) and yes, I definitely recommend buying some. Those creatures are extremely powerful and are some of the most useful of the creatures in the whole game.


To add on, they can be strong, good for tournament runs at level 20 especially, and plus they don’t cost DNA! My personal favourites are Concavenator and Pterodactylus.


The VIP Dino’s in the 10 k pack only take 6 hours to hatch and have very short col downs

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And that’s at higher level. My level 20 acro is very fast

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Yeah, all except apato which has a huge cd of like 4h at lvl 10, 9h or something at lvl 20


Yeah it’s 4 and a half at 10 rn

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Why I prefer to have many tanks