Tough Aquatic PvE

Okay, this last round today is really giving me headaches. So far have failed all 3 attempts. I even bumped up the levels of a bunch of my VIPs to try and make it a little easier, to no avail (none was higher than level 6 when I started). Any suggestions? I just can’t seem to get ahead of these opponents that can take me out so easily when they have a class advantage. Not liking this seeming trend to much more difficult PvE’s.

That is a nasty matchup 49.86% disadvantage for you to your top three creatures.

Oh I know, really not nice. I’ve NEVER had one anywhere as bad as this. And as I mentioned, this is only AFTER I bumped up a bunch at the top. It was closer to 60% before I did that. And I certainly don’t have any big imbalance to explain it away.

I wonder what happened to being able to use Mods in any of the events? I could use that about now.

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Another round… this time I successfully defeated it. I knew from an earlier one if I put my Haino in first place, he would still swap in his reef. So based on that, I put my cave in 2nd and my reef last… that allowed me to use the Haino to get my 4 reserve points, everything lined up perfectly class-wise from there and it was an easy win.


Did you try to stack Henodus, Tylosaurus, Giant Orthocone.

Henodus should be the meat shield and he should swap to his Tusutheutis, than save up to 7-8 points and beat Tustheutis with your Tylosaurus. Block against Mosasuaurs and try to take him out as well with your Tylo. Meat Shield the Tylo and beat the last one with Giant Orthocone

I did try that lineup once, yes, don’t remember where it failed, but definitely ran out of reserve points at some point.

My experience are the unlock battles are generally 20-30% harder than your top three on the last battle. I have seen some harder but not for a while.

Yes, that’s been my experience up until now. Not sure why this one was so much harder, but at least I did get through it.

Mine was a challenge as well…got toasted the first attempt when I tried using class advantage which didn’t really favor me…but 2nd attempt I matched class with still some disadvantage and was able to squeak by.