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Tough Battles Today

Here’s what I had to face today. Won the first 5, lost the 6th, then sent my strongest combo (which I forgot to snap screen before battle).



Wow those are crazy tough battles. Reinforces the fact that I shouldn’t create an indoraptor just yet!


My highest ferocity Jurassic dino is now a level 20 indoraptor, and will stay that way for a long long time. Another player here, Hansolowannabe, he created a level 40 indominus Rex and that was enough to throw his battle matchups into ridiculous realms. What I’m trying to say is, as many others have also mentioned, anytime you have your top dino at runaway ferocity lives versus the rest of your team, the system creates havoc on you. My overall lineup is much more balanced nowadays, so these battles are tough, but not ridiculous. I’m learning how to fight certain battles where a straight up choice based on advantage doesn’t necessarily yield a victory. E.g., sending an amphib versus a carno isn’t always the best idea, particularly when there’s also a crazy bird (ptero) lurking behind. Like in the first battle. Thought sharing these might help someone work thru their own battles.


Thanks for the info @DinoStan… I’m new to the forum but have been playing the game for awhile. I have 11k plus indoraptor SDNA and have four lvl 20 indominus rex. I toyed with creating an indoraptor and glad that I haven’t yet… I will try to lvl all my others up together before I do that.
What I have noticed is that my aquatic battles have gotten a lot tougher recently. Not sure why that is, it seemed to happen overnight… where I used to be able to win events easily is now taking multiple tries.

I can only guess you probably leveled up some aquatic dinos, perhaps, a little bit too much (as far as Ludia is concerned)? :flushed:
For aquatic, right now I rely pretty much totally on my swarm of VIPs. Only got the cave and reef hybrids, all at level 10, only need them if another super-rare-only tourney comes around again. The surface hybrid has monstrous attack but so-so health, but I got haino and tylo.

What event were the Jurassic creature battles from?

This morning’s two, the VIP prize wheel one and the aquatic.

Good luck defeating them

Here are my three for the Stakeholders visit, and what I used to defeat them:
Battle 1: 0.76% raw advantage from my top three (same as yours, the Indoraptor at lvl 20 and 2x10)

Battle 2: 0.40% disadvantage

Battle 3: 3.31% disadvantage

Monsters of the deep:
Battle 1: 0.93% disadvantage from my top three which is Hend lvl 30x2 and Tylo lvl 40
Battle 2: 1.36% advantage
Battle 3: 6.26% disadvantage

Won all of them fair and square no exiting needed.

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I lost that 6th coz I wanted to test if I could win without sending out my A-team. Plus, I think your lineups reinforce a point I was trying to make. You don’t send out dinos with advantage to match all 3 opponents. That’s sometimes the key to winning. At least I needed a breakthrough from such an impasse.

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Sharing my lineups for today’s battles. Won all six. Perhaps newer plays can glean something from what lineups work and what don’t.

I like your battle options today better than mine for the unlock event, I didn’t screen shot them with the lineup each time, but they gave me a unique challenge with opposing class lineups…

Seems to me (and you can verify) that the ferocity-to-difficulty relation applies to each dino class. Reason why I say that is, system is sending at you pretty powerful amphibs since you have a trio of metriaphodons. (While high on attack, also vulnerable, hence the catch-22.) My fiercest ptero is below yours, so I don’t face amphibs that strong. Just an interesting thought you could run with in your analyses.

I think it is just luck of the draw, or at least that’s what it feels like. I get match ups like your sometimes and they are great when it’s all one class, and then I get match ups like today where it is class advantage suicide for the Dino following. Luck of the draw.

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Today’s battles, third from the rumble and the three dna pack fights.