Tough battles


Doesnt anyone else feel like the battles are suddenly more difficult since the last couple updates??
Also, wouldn’t it be cool if you could forfeit a battle if you wanted to?? Or a rematch option?
Just some thoughts.


People would only rage quit the second they see an I-Rex.


Why?? I’mjust saying. If you KNOW you’re gunna lose…


But that’s the point. How do you know you’re gonna lose? Just 'cause there’s an obstacle doesn’t mean it can’t be cleared. And you’ll see how your team handles regardless if you win or lose. I’ve turned around losing matches. So can you.


I’mnot talking about every battle. You know you’re going to lose when you’re down to 50hp and they bring out a raptor…


A raptor?
In a tank tier, I won’t even let my raptors show up.:thinking:

If your opponent send out a raptor, you should swap to a tank dino.


Isn’t that why you get 4 dinos, not 3? Plus, raptors aren’t that strong anymore. Switch out the dino for something with bulk.


I understand what I should do. But my point is what IF you dont have anything… all dinosaurs down to nothing and you KNOW you’re done… or just want to be done. It would be cool to be able to just move on and take an L …
That is ALL I’m saying. I’m not looking for pointers. hahaah


Definitely in agreement about adding a “Forfeit”/“Surrender”/“Quit (Leave) Fight” button & option. Nods Not about the fights being more difficult, though. For me, they’re about the same difficulty as before. But then I’m only in the Nublar Jungle arena ATM, so what do I know :woman_shrugging:.


Hahaha thank you!!
I dunno if they’re actually more difficult as much as maybe just bad timing…


A forfeit button would be amazing in the case of a battle that the other person just “gives up” and stops playing so it just counts down or when in other cases the option to fight isn’t there (bug) and you have to restart the game to come back to a battle you’ve obviously lost to anyway due to a crash!


Also very good points!!


IRex…? Swapping in and out of battles?

Chances are…? :rofl:

I despise that mon… moreover after the update it seems like dodge works 97% of the time.

With raptors now so weak, that creature becomes like a king in the arena. No thinking required. Just hit Cloak. Then Rampage. Then swap out. Then swap in. Cloak. Rampage. Swap out. Swap in. Cloak. Rampage.

Other dinos are just raw meat.

Opponent wins!!! :rofl:


I’m all for a forfeit option as long as the winner gets extra trophies and the loser loses extra trophies too.


That and the superiority strike and thagomizer.