Toughest raids

What do you think is the most hardest raid in game??

Ceramagnus will be, but until then Mortem I guess


Actually Mortem is pretty easy

The unique indoraptor raid, the combo of evasion speed increase and distraction as well as number of rounds makes it annoyingly tedious compared to mortem or hadro.

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So which one is hardest for you? As I said, until Ceramagnus come out, I do think it’s the hardest but that didn’t mean it was very hard… Simply thinking it’s slightly harder than Hadros (which is painfully long), so currently the hardest. Magnus on the other side will raise the bar WAY HIGHER :slight_smile:

Dio is basically a must (remove evasion). Once you have one in your team, it’s relatively easy, but without one, yep, that’s a though one as well…

I find Hadros the hardest (or is that most annoying?) as you actually have to hold back to ensure you have the right moves available at the start of each round.

Hardest is proly mortem, as everything has to be leveled super high for that raid and RNG will hurt you quite often, I have yet to see someone come up with a reliable strat without Tuo

i say magnus will be, but indy will prob be the hardest after as it has mutual fury and group cloak and there is no group resilient rampage.

Tip the Scales man

oh, ok. that works

Doesnt no all raid doesnt work all day

Good luck everyone for today’s Ceramagnus raid.