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Toughts on the new ruled tournaments


With two ruled tourneys behind us and a third one about to start, how do you feel about this new system?
Personaly i like the idea, it makes you use all of your creatures instead of a couple of high level legendaries/VIPs/uniques, but i hate that you don’t know the rules until the damn thing is about to start. It’s such a blatant attempt to make you throw money at the game in order to get the creatures you need.

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Your last sentence pretty much sums it all.


SO frustrating!!! Because of the last 2 tournaments, I spent a week beefing up my pterosaur’s thinking they wouldn’t do another carnivore / herbivore rules and now it feels like I wasted my time and energy.

Also, Im currently in predator league and already coming up against players I assume are hackers, with level 40 lythronax against my level 10 apatosaur. I just cant compete and I REALLY wanted gorgosuchus. I couldn’t get into dominator league to win lythronax, I gave up.

Any tips?

(edited to *gorgosuchus not gorgosaurus)

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I feel ya.
This weeks rules being exactly like last week’s is stupid. I just wanted to try out my Diplosuchus but alas.
And yeah the opponents are crazy. I just faced a lvl 40 apatosaurus, a lvl 10 yudon and a lvl 20 erliphosaurus. Have a guess how well that went…
Well, i never really wanted the Gorgosuchus anyway…

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I really want it as its the only amphibian that I can get to bring my top levels up to some sort of balanced order. Ive got no top level herbs either. It took me 2 months to get a second level 40 suchoripterus… I am so bored of saving up to buy 3 billion ostoporous and waiting a week to evolve them up against the big ass carnivores they keep giving me to fight. Im so glad I didnt over excitedly level my indoraptors to 20 and level myself out of the game.

that said, if I cant use gorgosuchus cos its often carnivore’s vs herbivores for unlocks then maybe I should tell them to cry me a river and give up.

Then I’ll just tell Mr Level 40 Lythronax that it didnt hurt and whatevs


Your opponents aren’t hackers. Most of us are pretty sure you never ever play against actual real life players, just bots generated by the Ludia computer based on whatever settings or parameters they use.


Same difference if they create such ridiculous match ups. That does make sense though, Ive beaten opponents with 2 or 3 times the attack points by their lack of stealth and thought to myself ‘how have they got so far in the game with that sort of tactic’ and I am really not a computer game player.

This is the first and only game ive ever played since I put the Atari away.


I’m… torn.

On one hand, I have a massive collection of dinos, and just in the past hour I got to #1 in dominator.

In the other hand, this is a cripple to players who aren’t like me, with a large roster, of even just herbs and carns.

I have every base-game dino at level 40, and every hybrid/VIP/some tournament dinos all sitting behind my level 30 Indominus.

The biggest cripple is that herbs suck because carns counter herbs, so if you have a lot of herbs then GL winning.

Honestly, they should keep the new rules system, but change it:

  • let players know what the next tournament will be as far as rules go
  • if it’s going to restrict the dinos used, reduce the damage modifier, as in 50% should be lowered to 25%, this way someone who has a herb-favored roster can compete against carns.

Otherwise people would have to dump massive amounts of dinobux to compete, which isn’t even a guarantee that they would stay in dominator.


Just curious, what sort of creatures were you facing in dominator?


Sorry to double post, but a weird thing just happened: I checked the tourney again…and it allowed me to use amphibs and pterosaurs.
What’s going on?

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You must be a super-VIP. Rules don’t apply to you. :sunglasses:

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Same on my end


Managed to scrape into dominator as it is. My creatures are too high level or in abundance and my opponents are now reaching an impossible level. Should i just let myself drop to predator and settle for the legandary pack?


I always allow myself to drop, then try to sneak in at the last minute. It could work


Funny thing is, opponent strength isn’t consistent. Sometimes you face the dream team, than other times, it’s the three stooges. And all else in between, of course.


The game OS is programmed to bring you an even matched fight if you are within the range that is appropriate for the level that you are fighting at. I detailed this out in another post, I can’t remember which one but the long and short of it is when you bring a team of creatures to the party that does not reach the level the game code thinks is appropriate for the rank and league you are in it will smash you in the face as a way of saying “don’t you dare try to sand bag this round because if you do this is what you can expect, (then it smashes you in the face)”, if you bring an appropriate leveled team that matches what it thinks you should bring you get a balanced doable fight. This happens to me all the time when I first start a tournament as I sand bag the whole way up the ladder when I can. Meaning for my first battle I brought three level 1 commons as a test, I got paired against a level 10, 15, and level 3 rare if I remember correctly, I lost. The very next battle I brought 2 lvl 10 commons and 1 lvl 20 common and faced 3 commons less than lvl 10. I brought a match up that was appropriate to the rank and lvl and the code of the game rewarded me with a doable battle. I then do this all the way up the chain making gradual jumps in the strength of my line up as I progress through the ranks and leagues. When my face gets smashed in I know I underestimated the strength needed for that level, adjust up a bit more and the battle becomes balanced and is no longer tipped in the opponents favor.

I am not sure how Ludia determines the strength at each rank and level but there is some background code at work checking your team and then acting appropriately to your team based on its strength, your current league, and the rank within that league.

If you have just gotten to Dominator and then you are getting your face smashed you might have a chance if you stay in predator league and then in the last few hours of the tournament sneak your way back into Dominator if you are close and only one or two battles away from getting in. Or you can continue to refresh your best creatures to try and stay in Dominator but this could get expensive in terms of DB.


And then there’s the flipside. If the game thinks your team is too powerful, you get punished by not getting very many trophies for victories.

Speaking of the tournament, are you still collecting trophy data on this one, @Sionsith?

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Me, typically lvl 20 and lvl 30 VIP dinos, I actually faced off against a lvl 40 Lynthorax, which was neat (further shows that the tournaments are all BOTS).

Then the usual tourney-hybrids.

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Work has been crazy this week and I was having PC troubles, which is why I haven’t posted the final results from last weeks tournament. I am planing on getting out the results from last week late tonight, and then I am going to start on this weeks tournament. I got my templates and graphs all set up for this week but haven’t been able to actually play enough to get to Dominator to start recording so this weeks tournament will be missing the first 12-13 hours but will attempt to do data pulls roughly every 7-8 hours after that with hopefully more sprinkled in.