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Tour/Museum Mode


I’d enjoy a mode where we could “tour” our parks. It’d be almost like a screensaver, where the screen rotated through the creatures in my park, maybe doing a slow 360 view of each. Some similar games have “museum modes” or other modes that basically let a gamer see his or her “trophies” and achievements. Something I’d enjoy.


That’s a good idea, I was thinking the other day how it would be cool if the game tracked how you did in the various tournaments. Could be as simple as a list of the tournament and how you finished to maybe little 1 map square trophies that you could put in your park. It could be as simple as 5 different colors that represent the different leagues with either a wider range of effect or a higher effect based on the level. Currently the smallest decoration is a 2x2 block but having 1 block decorations would add even more flexibility to where you could put them and they could be one of the slots in the pack that you win.

For those that didn’t notice there is a survey in the game (in your mailbox) that went live today to give your feedback on the game, take the time to complete it so that Ludia hears our voice on things we want to see. I put stuff like a level cap increase, more Dino’s allowed into the park (not in the AR), expanded Map, and so on. Make sure you give them your feedback.