Touramoloch in progress!

Finally! I can start working towards one of my favourite hybrids: touramoloch! Im saving my boosters for it! Just got touijongosaurus to lvl 20 (hopefully I spelled that right…)
I alredy got 74 DNA from the Christmas event 2018. Im nick-naming him Rudolph, because he appeard in the Christmas event because he looks like a spikey reindeer!
Anyway, he looks good, counter(my fav!) stunning rampage, slowing and of course: impact and run! Perfect! And I guess superiority strike is good.
So what are tour thoughts on this hybrid?


I like it and it’s been a mainstay in my team for months now . It’s a shame it doesn’t have any armour or shields as it surely should have , but using boosts on its health will help .
Hope you enjoy using it when you create it :slight_smile:

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I wish it was better. It literally has one purpose on my team:
Slowing down Thor’s with 130+ speed. It pretty much always gets two shot.

Para is better imo. But maybe it’ll work better for you.

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Same here. Tuora is actually a decent dino. With many boosted Thor around us, now its role is to slow Thor down and force Thor to use its Instant Charge, then my next dino (hopfully Thor or Utasino) can kill it and get set up.

I really like Tuora. Mine is currently L26, being worked on so it can replace Indo :ok_hand:t2:

Highly underrated. Mine can consistently beat Magna, Indo… She could use a bit more punch but I personally think shes awesome

One fuse away. I could have created her earlier but Tuo left for another area.

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