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Touramoloch: the forgotten hybrid

Just after an update Ludia decided to give here stun rampage.
But what? In the boost era it is struggling to be something else than being killed without effort everytime it goes out.

Now that Indoraptors are less seen in arena, even if you have a boosted Toura, it has no sense. The rajasaurus family unique Dioraja is far more useful taking into account they share a rare and difficult to find component which is Touajingo.

I think something must be done.

Ok, I can outspeed Thora: useless, after first x1,5 attack instant charge (aka instant kill) will defeat it.

You are facing a Uterinex: same happens: you can’t even impact and run.

Lucky you if facing someone who doesn’t know how to use a Tryko.

Magna and erlidominus: cri cri cri cri…

It kind of works against Tenontorex… But, apart from it? And wow… Tenonto in actual meta is dissapearing from arena.

It is a good dino (before boost) to combine in a SIA team. But boosts ruin this very hard and any SIA-based strategy is ruined because of overpowered beasts. Oh, well… The only SIA strategy that works is DC… But… That is not exact meaning of strategy…


Agree. After putting some boosts to my L24 Tuora, it is now sitting on the bench.
It easily dies to Sino hybrids (Thor, Utasino and Rinex) and Erlidom (usually cloaks first when it sees Tuora), sometimes even Magna. It can only beat Dilorach and sometimes Indor.

I worked hard to get mine and up to team level.

It’s a useless creature.

Benched, and for good reason.

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Let’s move!!

Let’s revive this creature!!!

Any moderator please make this reach devs

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I suggest one of the following changes to Tuora:

  1. Changing the basic attack to Shielding Strike, to reduce damage from Erlidom, tanks and most raptors.
  2. Changing Impact and Run to Instant Charge, to make more damage before being killed.

It definitely deserves some love. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs are already working on it.


I like Superiority Strike to stay and change Impact and Run to Long Protection.
Add Swap in Slow and change Slowing Impact to Instant Charge.

Needs a priority move to be more useful; up its counter damage too.

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These are also good moves. I have another suggestion:
Superiority Strike
Instant Charge
Distracting Impact
Greater Stunning Rampage
Swap in Slow
0.25x Counter Attack
This way, it can distract opponent in the first turn to reduce damage taken.


Loved your suggestion, I think that kit would really work better, but I would keep the counter as 0.5.

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Distracting Impact is good against Chompers but with Shield it can counter Erilidom, Utahsino, Rinex etc. If the Damage is buffed to 1200, it can deal 2.5x Damage ( SS+.50Counter+IC) to a Chomper.

Whatever the changed kit should be, we should keep Impact and Run, or change it back to Rampage and Run. The mobility is what makes me like it a lot - when someone wants to switch on me, and it turns out that I switched out on them, but with the added benefit of hurting their dinos as well. The lack of attack is ridiculous; it’s almost like the herbivore Uniques are destined to have low attack for some stupid reason. I’d be grateful if the attack was boosted to 1200, so asking for more would be blasphemous I suppose. 1250 could be cool, while keeping its .5 counter attack. Why not? It doesn’t pierce armor or shields. I just want to justify giving boosts to this thing -_-


I think it needs some armour, maybe 20%.

I would also give it the power to regenerate and swap, as this would make sense for a fragile tank which is what it is.

And possibly a swap in slowing strike?

So it could come in, do a 1x damage and slow the Dino, take a big hit and swap out again, or maybe get another hit in before swapping out.

As things stand it’s a totally useless Dino so it sure needs something!

I like that: swap in slowing would be nice.

This might be just me, but want it to have it’s own identity as a Unique - peeps are trying to make it like Paramoloch, but why? As it stands, Paramoloch is more powerful than Toura, so why give it a similar moveset?

Peeps are gonna be like: “why make Toura a second-hand version of Para? It’s weaker. Lame.”

I think that a slowing counter would be better, and to be honest, I’m interested in Regen & Run on Toura - that health is too good to just let it be chomped away without a chance to use its full potential. It would make it a beast with a swap-in team. We need more swapping candidates for Uniques.


That kit is quite interesting and would fit really well with my zombie Edmontoguana that never dies XD.

My team is SIA and counter attack based (zor, Edmontoguana, purrutaurus, toura Tryko and DC) and is a member of the list I would like to be at least as useful as any other unique.

Indoraptors were nerfed but still can hit a +3000 attack and are fast. Toura luckily can hit a +1850 +.5 attack on first turn if not distracted…

This must be fixed!

Long protection rampage would be quite interesting


I had to bench her too, I mean Paramoloch is better and its a legendary not a unique.

It needs something


Benefits of Toura: good life pool, good mix of abilities, speed isn’t the worst…

But the best part is that the dna required for it isn’t as hard to get as most unique requirements. I’ve seen a level 29 that wasn’t bad.

Yeah, but in my case I can’t find Touajingos enough.

I initially went for this instead or Dioraja… I’m quite disappointed. It still gives some battles. But it is always kind of one shoted by any dino.

Armor, bleeding counter attack… Slowing attack?

Every unique deserves an opportunity and Toura did never have one.