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Tournament 10 takedowns

Maybe I am missing some piece of information. I usually get my 10 in pretty quickly. Not this time. And I am unable to feel accomplished. Am I doing something wrong? (Other than not winning jk)

I am in a really amazing alliance! That is not the problem. Do only the first so-many players that complete the takedowns get the Alliance Points added or something? I think I read that… in a dream. I am okay with that, if that is what is going on…?
Thank you for helping!!

I’ve been trying to Scanners my screen since Friday evening :point_right::angry::point_left::exploding_head::pleading_face:

I had this same thing happen a couple weeks ago. My alliance leader told me the points were appearing, so I just let it go

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That is a huge relief, @gschmitz73, thank you! :kissing_heart: :blush: