Tournament 3 is over!

How did you fare?

Was this experience better/worse than the prior tournaments?

How long should Ludia wait before starting Tournament 4?

(And Congrats to everyone who made the
Top _ _ _ , met their personal goals or just had fun!)


I did better than before!
I grind it the last 2 days thanks to my new Tryko.
4753 trophies :+1:


I liked the tournament being shorter. Haven’t battled in 2 days. Now I can drop down out of aviary into a lower arena to get the dna I want from incubators. Seems the battles are getting tougher, probably because everyone is so bunched up in trophy count. Leaders in the game are only 1000 trophies ahead of players well out of the top 500. Some battles I would face teams with level 18 dinos, next battle I’m fighting a team with 3 - 5 uniques.

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Finally can battle again!

Made my goal like 4 days ago but I was hoping could have made top 500 but… we have really competitive players! :grin:

Getting better with each new member of the team. Can the next tournament happen after new year’s? That would be great for everyone.

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I found it enjoyable but can we not step the rewards a bit more 2500-4500 is a large jump.
Either way good fun.

I hope they give us more time before the next tournament. I busted my :peach: getting and levelling new dinos these past 2 weeks and still ended up lower than my highest trophy count a week ago. Give us some time to work on our teams. Especially with all the new ones they just introduced.


I was at 4729 at the buzzer. Was so close to the next tier of rewards

Is it safe to battle? I miss battling…


It would be nice if they added an option to battle a bot to win an incubator instead of another team and affecting trophy count. That way when people reach their goal, say 4500 for the epic incubator, they can continue battling and not risk going below the cut off.


Hope they give Alliance stats. I think Apex got 26 with about 5 teams around 22.

I love this idea. think half of my frustration come when I am just trying to fill my incubator slots and it take me 6 losses to get a 15 min. The daily incubator battles should be separated from tournament battles during that time. That way people can also opt out of the tournament if they choose and still get to fill their incubators.


this this this this, all day long.


yes i wish they’d always make a public announcement when the tournament was officially over and everyone’s rank was locked in. since season 1 (maybe 2) was a disaster with that, i don’t feel comfortable battling until i get the reward.

i’d honestly be OK with tournaments one after the other. there’s literally nothing to lose from it, and only rewards to gain. so why not?


Having unlocked Dilorach I managed to go from 4250 to 4460 this morning but then got knocked back to 4400 - so close to that epic incubator but not to be; can’t say I really noticed this tournament; length was probably about right; I’d be happy with two weeks on, two weeks off

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So, useless rare incubator for me. Sadly couldn’t fight before the end.

Same fears here… I went so well… I was almost 4600 trophies, then suddenly went down to 4190… I was incredibly angry. I had counters with 4-5 levels higher and crazy, unique hybrids. Suddenly none of my dodge or evasive helped.

Then two days of hardwork brought me back to 4505. I don 't play since two days with battles and I have no incubators. But I am scared to go for inucbators, because I just do not want to loose my achievement :frowning:

In theory the tournament is over, but I see no announcement posted… ://


Lol we miss you more than the battle


Slid down hard from 4400 yesterday and never recovered. Been saving a 24hr incub as consolation just in case. You bet ur arse i’m opening an epic incub no matter what lol. Competition was brutal around 4200-4500.

Awww :heart::heart::heart: we miss you guys too!!!