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Tournament 4: Already started Camping?


The last few days of every tournament is usually tense with everyone bringing out their best, people camping once they reached their target… the wishful rankers having to face the top leader-boards who are hunting for opponents!!

To avoid all the above stress, has anyone already started camping for Tournament 4?
My only goal for this tournament (one of the last goals before I switch my interest/time/efforts away from this game) is to be in the Top 500 again. I was hoping to stop playing only for the last couple of days, but having reached a good rank (360), I already started camping yesterday (with 5 days left for the tournament to end).

I have made a rank slippage threshold for each remaining day and would battle only if I feel I am dropping below 500 by end of tournament.

Where are others with their goal? Are you planning to camp? If yes, when?


I started camping already :smiley: just reached 4500+ and really want that epic incubator as a reward. Yeah I know that I lose out on a few incubators because of not battling these days but with my RNG luck and the current tricky trophy system (win/lose amount) I feel like it is the best way to make sure I reach my goal. And also it is good to have a few days without stressing about the “unfair” battles :smiley:


I wasn’t planing to camp but I went on a ridiculous winning streak. Started today at 4995 now I’m at 5270 (or something like that). So I’ve been debating on camping. I honestly shouldn’t be that high up. My highest level Dino is 25 indo


@DaTank45: Then you should definitely camp!! Just check the average team level around your rank and that should convince you :stuck_out_tongue:

This season, I see that the average Lvl Dino for Top 500 is 25 or at least most of the people have few dinos like Stegod, Indo, Trago at Lvl 26/27/28, have high level bleeders or have Tryko/Thor or have Draco G2 as their last moment resort!!

All my dinos are at Lvl25 or higher (except one) including a Lvl28 Indo, Lvl29 Stegod, but still I am wary of getting my blood pressure up! I made the mistake of battling last moment due to my greed and was thrown out of Top 250, Top 500 last two tournaments.


Eh, I kinda hope for top 250 this time.

Then top 500 next tourney.

Then thats probably it.

Ive been f2p since about mid nov I guess? And its hard to stay competitive as a f2p terrible darter that never sees sinos, ankys or kentros despite hunting for double digit hours a week.

This game is honestly winding down for me.


Was at 4500 after the trophy reset at the beginning. Figured I wanted a happy stress free xmas and new years so I set up my tent right on day 1.


Nope. I wont camp. Currently 25th and will try to get higher until monday


My team is…
21 dioraj
22 erlidom
22 tenontorex
23 Thor
23 tryko
23 utarinex
23 diloracheirus
25 indo
Rank 220 at the moment


I’ll be battling Sunday night. Maybe even stay up all night and call in sick to work Monday


Same here. Never thought a mobile game would take that much effort/time from my life!
Started playing this game just because I love dinos and 7 months later, I am still spending some significant part of my day towards this game.

I feel I should go back spending more time on more productive stuffs like gym, giving time to family etc. After this tournament, my only goals would be to create rest of the uniques.


Same. Just spent $350 on 18 new Steam games. Rather spend the money there than here


I will be camping after a winning streak. My goal is top 500 and I guess I need about 5200 to achieve. I’ve already stored up 2 epic incubators so no time is wasted.


I’m going to stay in this position to secure the 2600 of money

by me


Are you me? Lol. Even my highest level dino is a level 25 Indo, and my team average is 23. Lowest level dino is a newly made level 21 Tenontorex. I’ve climbed up to 5220 trophies, my highest so far, and yesterday I was at 4970 or so. I still can’t believe how I managed to climb up so high. However, I must say that I’m only battling for incubators now, and each battle is scary now… not battling so much for fun as I used to before.

My aim is to finish in the top 500, right now rank 280 (first time breaking the top 300), but if top 500 doesn’t end up happening, I’ll probably settle for 5k+ trophies, which is definitely doable with my team.


Haha we’ve played before one spark. The camping didn’t last long. I just played again (got lucky) and beat someone that had a 22 indo, 26 tenontorex and 28 utarinex

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I know I’ve missed out on a lot of incubators, but I actually started camping on day two of the tournament. I hit 4750 trophies and said that was it. To me, battling just isn’t fun during the tournament.

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Haha, nice to hear. Not really sure if I remember playing you and if I won or lost, lol.

I have a 12h incubator running now with 9h left and it’s almost sleep time here so the next time I battle will be in the morning. Totally expecting a few losses, haha.

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I don’t remember what happened it was at the beginning after the trophy reset. I really want to keep battling today as rng is smiling down at me. Literally everything is working lol.

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Well then go for it, keep on riding the wave of good luck :smiley:

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Haha! It’s gotta end sometime. It’s like gambling. I’m afraid that it will start to take a turn and I’ll just keep saying “if I can just win one more battle”