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Tournament 4 grumbles


I don’t know about yourselves but the previous tournament, number 3, was actually quite fun to play. No one seemed to be taking it seriously and it felt like we were at least holding position in the rankings if not slowly creeping up. No one was playing overly powerful teams and it was a lot of fun.

Cut to now and quite frankly things have taken a bad turn. Tournament #4 just seems the complete opposite. I barely win a game these days because all the opponents I am facing have way over-leveled dinosaurs for the level I’m in - Sorna Marshes - and I am being soundly crushed every match. The fun element has gone. It is like everyone came back to this tournament with a “crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of their dinosaurs” mentality. Not fun and I thought the recent changes to the Arena system would have fixed these concerns but apparently not.

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