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Tournament 6/12 I-Rex Gen 2 unlock

Now we know what it is.

I’m thinking this one should be low.

No need to fight for something that we just got the two parent unlocks for.

Worth the DNA though.


Will this tournament unlock the I Rex Gen 2?

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Yes. Notice the white unlock icon. That indicates if events unlock or not. And is true for all events it is on.


Ok, my bad. I asked before I even looked at it. :joy:

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I didnt get the unlocks as i wasnt at lvl 65 at the time! So im going for this!

If it is really going to be low,I am going for it,i will gather DB to speed up my Rajastega ,and use that alongside my Suchomimus and T Rexes(maybe an Indominus Rex soon) .

Last Summer we had an Indominus rex tournament. It was a 3 day, 5 hour tournament and required 1354 trophies. I would have that be your starting point


That is my personal guess.

No one knows for sure.

I would NOT spend DBs if that is the only way you can win with a low point threshold. To much risk and the DBs are more valuable.

Edit: if you mean speed up hatch, if you’re hatchery typically is busy, yeah, speed it up tomorrow morning.

It is busy with all 4 slots almost 24×7 .

Will a level 10 eolambia, level 10 eudimorphodon and a level 30 Tyrannosaurus be enough to make it into Dominator?
…Probably not, but just askin’n…

I would say no.

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@Jurassic_Fury stated: “Will a level 10 eolambia, level 10 eudimorphodon and a level 30 Tyrannosaurus be enough to make it into Dominator?
…Probably not, but just askin’n…”

No, that’s not currently good enough for Dominator.

Don’t worry though- we were all there once. It doesn’t take as long as you think to build up your lineup to be capable of getting you into Dominator.


Hybrid unlocks have never been low historically. Usually the opposite is true. Anyone that hasn’t fused theirs yet is going to want it, and for the rest of us, it’s a close to 30K DNA savings over buying a second one.


it wont be enough, level 20 vip’s and legendary hybrids is about the level where you consistently get into dominator

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I wasn’t going to try for it since I almost have my gen 2 Trex already at level 40. I still need 6 more gen2 raptors though. The fact that your mentioned it gives you a free one and saves you the dna to make it, that might have sold me :grin:. I forgot about that.

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Not those 3.

If you have a meat shield to go first (1500+ health), anyone of those in the middle and a glass cannon (500+ attack) last, you’ll win about 50% of the time if you play the match perfectly.

I recommend a team like this: Herb Amphibian Carno because the AI will switch a carno to get class advantage on your Herb, and you get class advantage when your Herb is defeated. Also costs the AI one action point to swap.

Warning, if the AI has a carno first, you’ll likely lose the match. These lines ups are more about quantity than quality.

I usually go, Pteranodon, Carnivore, Pteranodon or Herbivore, Amphibian, Herbivore. I also barely get into Dominator and only win about 25% of my matches when I get closer to Dominator, so my advice might not be the best.

I’ve seen a lot of people posting that with success.

Personally, I have a small army of dinos at and below the Level 40 Legendary ferocity range where my plan is just to overwhelm the AI until I get matches I can either squeak out win or get lucky.

It is a beginner level Dom group of dinos. It is large enough now to safely win in Dom.

My next step would be to level them all up and have half as many dinos. I’m not doing this yet, as I’m now focusing on Aquatic and than Ceno so they can finish in Dom as my Jurassic line is “ok” now.

Once my Jurassic line moved up to Level 20 VIP ferocity (about 4200F), that class grouping will be much better, as right now, if I don’t have class advantage in a match, I’m just not strong enough most of the time. If I have a really good glass canon and a little luck from the AI, I can make it without class advantage. But, class disadvantage, for the second dino, or a 1 shot kill on my first dino without the AI swapping, is normally a loss. Also, if the AI saves 2 points on the first move and can defeat my first dino with a 2 point attack, is normally also a loss.

I calculated a few weeks ago. With my mostly weaker dino army, I have to play about 150 matches to safely win in Dom due to my 50% win rate. It has gone up to 65% and down to 40% too.

For your park levels, I really would recommend staying in Pred and “blitzing” into Dom within the last 4 hours.


also might i just say “No need to fight for something that we just got the two parent unlocks for”, bruh you’re joking right? It’s literally a free legendary hybrid that would cost 30k+ dna and a lot of bucks to be worth getting if you fused it. No tournament ever has been not worth fighting for because you get free VIP points, most of the time a lot of bucks and dna and a creature to keep, sell, or trade for high rewards. And it permanently unlocks it for later use, while keeping your level 40 rex and raptor which are actually 2 pretty damn good creatures


I am guessing but this will be at least 1,300-1,400 if it’s a 3 day tournament. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it a 4 day tournament and you would be looking at 1,700-1,800 as this is what the Metriaphodon tournament needed.