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Hello everyone, i’m relatively new to the game, (2 months) and i decided to try the Gigantophis tournament, and even though i won it, my dino bucks took a beating to say the least. Is there any way, like a strategy or something, to minimize the amount of dino dollars you use to refresh your top creatures? If it helps, my best dinos are a lvl 40 T.Rex, a lvl 40 Sarcosuchus, and three lvl 10 VIP herbivores. Then its lvl 30 and 20 legendaries.
Thanks in advance.

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You won the snake after two months of playing ? If that’s the case hats off to you. In regards to your question I just try to get lots of bucks through packs and the trade harbour when opportunity’s arise. There isn’t really any strat to speed up the Dino’s other then being conscious of how long the recover is in terms of time of day you get opportunity’s to play so you can get the most battles in a day.

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I would recommend not to spent dino bucks in a tournament. Be patient and don’t try to finish in dominator league at all costs before you have a suitable stock of dinos. This can take a year or more. I use dino bucks only to speed up hatching.


In my opinion I’d rather spend a few thousand bucks on a creature that I may not have another chance to unlock for a long time. But that’s my opinion. I would most likely have a different opinion if I had already unlocked the creature or had it maxed. It also depends on many bucks you have to spend and require to spend on where you want to be


In the Cenozoic arena, one does need at least one decent rep from each of the 3 classes, for Cenozoic specific fights especially.
The gigantophis is pretty much a twin of the titanoboa, so a great anchor for the caverns class.
So getting the gigantophis this time means not having to wait till whenever titanoboa tournament comes around again, and I doubt it’ll be soon.

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I was referring to getting the gigantophis specifically.


Yes indeed. If he already had the titanoboa (seemed like he doesn’t), then one might question spending a ton of bucks to get basically a duplicate. I’m basically affirming your earlier point, that getting the gigantophis still might be a worthwhile prize, albeit at a substantial cost to obtain.


I just waited until I could win on my own merits. My first tournament was Titanaboa (August-September 2018). My first win was Gastornis (September-October 2018). I’m not sure what happened there. I’ve won regularly since Kentrosaurus (November-December 2018). My point here is that I concentrated on my dinosaurs. I invested some dino bucks on hatching and evolving when it was cost effective. But for the most part, I’ve played it slow and steady. I’ve got a deep, consistent roster which let’s me complete daily events without relying on my top creatures only.

Play the long game. There will be some early frustrations, but it will save you resources and frustration later on, as well as real money.


Continuing the discussion from Tournament advice:

I agree, having depthing depth is sooooooo key. Maximizing the amount of battles quality battles you can play is important for getting cups. And using your Dino’s tho there strength is super important.

I apologies for the cooldown Dino’s. But this is my team (lvl20 trodon soon) (40shunasaurus also soon)

Quite often I use a mix of 3 kinds of Dino’s and use my first Dino as a tank with high hp. As if I need to switch out or can take a hit and block so I can save up reserves.
The ones in the 3rd picture don’t get used quite often but sometimes I get away apatosaurus as a tank and pterodactylus or zalamoxes as a finisher.

I’d appreciate any suggestions of things to add. Currently wanting some better pterosaurs but unfortunately don’t have other tournament ones unlocked and don’t really want to get another level 20 suchoripterous.

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I prefer the VIP creatures for tournaments, and use them more often than any of the other creatures, their cool down is far superior to their equivalent non VIP creatures where you can cycle through them every 4-8 hours instead of 10-20 hours for their equivalent. The pictures below are sorted by rarity and class, the VIP creatures in each picture are my go to once I get into the top portion of predator and then dominator standing until then it is starting with level 10-20 commons and working up my roster usually jumping 10-20 levels of the same rarity or jumping to the next rarity at the same level. I try to feel out how the matchups are going, but once I am towards the top it is my VIP creatures I rely on based on their low recharge time.

My herbivores are weak overall so I generally will do more match ups with carnivores to offset them.


Thanks for the tips. I shall take some time improving my dinos and saving some bucks. I will miss some creatures but it’s fine since the only tornament creature i really want is Yutyrannus.

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