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Tournament again



Please what is the goal of this tournament ?
My team is 16-18 level and I fight against stegodeus level 24 and I get 0-3 … where is the pleasure playing like this ?
It’s since one month I have the same trophy level seriously fighting is really not fun any more

Tournament? No thanks. HEY LUDIA! LISTEN TO THIS!

Try leveling up your dinos… Its very competitive the tournament and sometimes you will be unfairly matched, also the first few days of the tournament is the hardest as everyone is trying to get to the top…


Essentially, if these tournaments dont happen, the top players would remain the top players forever by simply putting too much distance between themselves and everyone else


I agree that competition is necessary to keep the leaderboard dynamic (and to keep ludias cash flow going), but even the Olympics/Playoffs/World Cup/World Series/Super Bowl happen only so often. Yes there’s obviously a big difference between real Physical games and this but the downtime has its own intrinsic value:

Allowing enough time for teams and players to grow so that the next leaderboard is less predictable and similar to the previous one.

Permitting underdog and new teams to join the arena for an inflow of fresh faces and to reduce the “barrier to entry.” This makes the game more fun and inviting to new players.

Allows fans to actually have something to look forward to. If it’s always tournament season, this will contribute to user fatigue where focus is taken away from progress and simply just placed on constant evaluation (ranking).

Anyway… just my thoughts. Time for breakfast! :sandwich:


I dont disagree necessarily, once every 3 months would work. I dont “hate” the current pacing but I also am not losing 1000 trophies so its hard to think of my own thoughts as being valid


I agree! Once a “season” as theyve called it would be great… plenty of time to advance the teams …

Now if they added actual seasonal migrations into the mix … then that’s just the cherry on top :cherries: I think it’d finally be perfect


When did the last one end like two weeks before this started? Way too soon I was just beginning to recover :sweat_smile:


Yes ok but i don’t care the tournament. I prefer fighting against same level people and getting up in trophy level. I already know that I can’t fight against level 25+ And I don’t need the tournament to remind me that.
I’m since one month 3700-3900, a few days ago I reached 4000 I was very happy now I’m getting back 3800 it’s completly annoying.

Why don’t make the tournament an extra ? An other kind of fight ?


I’m falling back down through arena 6 now, the floodgates have opened. My team is no longer able to make headway, due to all the overcompetitive tournament players and their insanely levelled hybrid armada.

Why did they have to start a tournament barely two weeks after the first one? There’s no downtime for players to get back to where they were and start progressing again. I can’t farm incubs as easily now, because I keep getting matched with all these kill squads.

Give us a break, Ludia. There’s no need for a tournament every two weeks. Maybe 4 times a year, not every other week. It’s insane.


How do people not understand you’re not supposed to be able to indefinitely fight same level people and rise in trophies? If they allow that, skilled players would be able to rise to the top spots despite their weak teams. I’m all for rewarding skill over invested $$$/time, but removing any influence of how much you grind/pay on your ranking seems like too much.


Which works great as an additional motivation to improve your team.

It really should be ongoing with rewards given out continuously for staying on the ranks. Instead of just one big reward every month.


It’s not too big a deal basically it’s alot of work and lvling to get 4250 trophies for one epic incubator or you can just focus on strike events and get some that way. Literally fight 300 indoraptors for one incub or just battle one indoraptor, Rex, brachi etc for equal value prize. The really good prizes are even higher and harder and designed for those throwing all their cash at ludia lol


I still work on my team, anyway, it’s just harder to get the incubs at the moment.

And no, the tournaments don’t need to be ongoing. Make them seasonal, and people will still play. This game isn’t “Fortnite” or “Unreal Tournament”, which are nonstop bloodbaths.

Despite your opinion, people need downtime, and for most, two weeks just isn’t long enough.




Seasonal tournaments will be a lot more fun and exciting for sure. There’s that sense of wonderment in finding out how far everyone has progressed in a few months’ time. Frequent tournament with little downtime is like forcing employees to go through re-org every month, it leads to change fatigue and major disengagement, and then you start losing them :joy:


Exactly. Ludia seems to be doing this more often, because they know that even if they lose a lot of paying and non-paying players through attrition, the whales will remain, because Ludia’s geared the game economy toward those who just have a pile of extra money sitting in their trust funds or bank accounts. The whales in this game are more than enough to fund this game, even without the support of other paying players (whose opinions seemingly DON’T matter -at least the important ones, anyway).

That’s what tournaments are: a way to weed out the weak ones from the herd, and keep only the ones with a hefty bank account.

Keep buying all those incubs! LOL

Some days, I wish my Dad was rich and owned a bank…:confused:


Having frequent tournaments is fine although I think having them quarterly would be better to allow some difference between players/teams. However, I don’t see the point to another one so soon when Ludia hasn’t learned from the mistakes of the previous tournament. Match ups need to be fixed first.


A lot more than that needs to be sorted before they can even think about tournaments. RNG is a big one that needs balancing.


I think some of the whales are staying in the game because they have invested far too much to call it quits now, but for those type of player there will still be a tipping point and it’s only a matter of time before they quit too. If I’m rich I would spend my money on traveling instead, see the real dino bones at excavation sites! :star_struck:


My reply to you got censored :joy: Oh, Ludia …