Tournament almost over, please consider feedback before doing another one

So currently I’m in the top 500 and just a little above 4750 trophies, so I think I’ll stay here and wait until the tournament is over so I get some decent rewards. That being said, Ludia I hope you take the time to read this and consider the feedback before jumping into another tournament next month.

  1. Please implement a separate Tournament Ladder - Like I just mentioned I plan to not play the game for another 3 days for fear of losing my place on the ladder. If there were a separate ladder, one that was voluntary to enter, I could play on the regular ladder and continue cycling my incubators. Additionally you wouldn’t need to have a global reset every time you decide to do one of these because everybody can start from nothing and see how far they climb. Emphasis on CAN, for if players for any reason do not want to enter the tournament and are content with fighting for incubators in their individual arenas they can continue to do just that.

  2. Broaden the Rewards - As it stands the top players are rewarded so heavily (and now frequently since this same thing happened just over a month ago) that they are essentially guaranteed to maintain their positions at the top. I believe they should receive the best rewards, but I don’t believe the best rewards should be so far and away from those that players in the top 50 might receive. Maybe having reward tiers for every 500 or 1000 trophies with top rewards being given out to the top 10 based on their placement within the top 10.

  3. Fix the Bugs - I don’t know if the damage is being properly represented yet, but if not there is an issue where the damage preview does not properly take into account shields and armor. Additionally there are some bugs with speed priority either being incorrectly represented visually, or even having the slower dinosaur move first. Another issue is when a counterattack dinosaur is stunned I’ve had issues where the stunned dinosaur not only misses the counterattack and turn where it was stunned, but also stays stunned to miss the counterattack for the NEXT turn. Stuff like this I feel needs to be ironed out for the PvP aspect of this game to be considered “competitive”.

  4. Adjust the Matchmaking - Right now I believe the only parameter taken into account for finding an opponent is that they are “near” your trophy range, with longer queues expanding that range until you’re matched up with somebody who has dinosaurs all several levels higher than your own. I would like to see matchmaking try to get more even fights by taking arena into account first, but also dinosaur level before trophy count potentially. Doing this would eventually normalize the ladder and people with higher level dinosaurs would all have higher trophy counts within their arenas than those with lower level dinosaurs. This would shake up the ladder for a little while but it would inevitably lead to much more even matches.

  5. Re-evaluate the Dodge Mechanic - This one is probably just me being annoyed, but I would like to see the Cloak/Evasive Stance dinosaurs receive a bit of attention. Maybe the dodge would have a 50% chance to dodge 75% of the damage, or maybe give it a 50% chance to dodge the first turn, then lose 15% effectiveness per turn while it’s active. So going from 50 to 35 to 20 for Evasive and 50 to 35 for Cloak. As it stands the current dodge mechanic is often a Hail Mary that wins many more games than it should because it is relies entirely on a coin flip.

Anyway, these are my thoughts, I hope this will be better feedback that a simple survey response.


As I have said before on these forums, I think that Arenas should be dinosaur specific. Meaning that to participate in an Arena level (still maxed by your trophy count), you team must be made up of dinosaurs within a given level bracket.There are ten levels, so as an example you make each Arena a 3 level backet.

*Fallen Kingdom (1-3).
*Mount Sibo (4-6).
*SS Arcadia (7-9).
*Nublar Jungle (10-12).
*Badlands (13-15).
*Lockdown (16-18).
*Sorna Marshes (19-21).
*Jurassic Ruins (22-24).
*Lockwood Estate (25-27).
*Aviary (28-30).

With this you end up facing more appropriately powered opponents. You can still collect trophies to unlock Arenas higher up but until you get a suitable level team you cannot climb to them.

Can we submit your post on a petition to ludia as it lays it all out in b&w. It’s like they are just rushing to throw something together to keep excitement to the game. Ludia, please just slow down, take a deep breath and sit down at the round table to discuss ways to chill out the tournament.

Exhausted Player. :grin:

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I have one level 23 and two 16 so where do I fight in this scenario?


I like the first idea. The option to chose tournament battle or regular. I’ve set up camp a week early which is boring :slightly_frowning_face:


I was thinking of doing the same a while back but then caved. what trophy teir are you in ?

(I decided to sit it out after I got comfortable in the 400 range)

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How do you only have 3 dinosaurs?

Agree with some things.

Trophy resets are 100% necessary though imo. Have you seen the top 3?

And we should be matched on trophy count, not dino level. We DO need level sync content, but overlevelling dinos should be allowed. Many kids play this game, and others who dont have great decision making. If they get stuck in lower arenas AND have to face same level dinos, theyll fall down down down. Bad idea.

The rest i generally agree with.


Unfortunately Ludia won’t listen they knew most of these issues before and still rushed ahead with the next tournament.

1)First ,participation could be optional.
Two way Arenas,one with matches for incubators and the other one for Tournaments
Then we can separate the trophy Range of each Arena into Tournaments Divisions :
We all reset to the beginning of each Arena trophy. Every Division Winners will have
separate rewards.Winner of Division 2 player will have the same reward as the last Division 1
2)Rebalance the rewards
3)I agree
4) Matchmaking ± 300 trophies and take consideration of the level ± 1 lvl

So you are sticking with 4,750 trophies for the next 3 days so you won’t lose your spot?

You may want to reconsider. I stopped battling when I was in 340th place with 18 hours to go and I ended up 496th.

They listen for sure, but do you think all the players want the same thing than you?
You express what you feel wrong and it’s a good starting point. Some have other point of view.

For example point 1. You have fear to lose your rank? Everyone can have a shot and hopefully you have to defend your rank. Some wants to enter too. I don’t know if separate player base would help. They can give a shot maybe to try it but if it would take a lot of effort I’d rather have them to fix bugs and implements replays. It would help to check a lot of bug reports

For point 2. Do you see rewards for being in top 20? 100k coins and 2,6k cash? That’s nothing. Barely one level up and a lot more is needed to stay at this rank.
That’s not going to make any difference. So no it won’t help me to stay at this rank :joy:
In my point of view, they just play the classic hand it to the whales. The gap is already too wide it won’t change anything.

For point 3 I can’t disagree of course bugs need to be fixed. They already fixed it in the past, I’m sure they will do it again but how long will it take? Hope not so long…

For point 4 I think there are more variables that we don’t know to adjust matchmaking : how many players active at each hour, how many time spend in battle… I see them adjusting their matchmaking system so I can only hope they analyze all data to provide a system as fair as possible.

I completely disagree with point 5. A lot of players tend to point at RNG for their losses. Too easy. If you put yourself in a winning position, you will win more than lose. There are a lot of games that work with RNG like card games (poker, etc…) and yet no one complain about RNG and there are pros… No matters a single out of luck game. And by the way it’s OK to have luck, I think it’s always fun for a player to crush a higher player sometimes.

Good luck!


If there’s another tournament in two weeks I think I’m gonna have a little cry. :sweat_smile:


I would like to have the option to choose whether I want to forego waiting for players and take my chances with AI if it means I can get my incubators faster


Do you just speed them up?

I don’t. I dread battles so much that I wait out their entire incubation period

So do I, I’m like oh thank god I don’t need to battle anyone for another 3 hours :joy:


This is why I don’t like 15 min incubators because it’s like dang it, I have to do this all over again in 15 mins!


I don’t but the rest are in between mostly 19 or 20. I’m just wondering how your system would work. Does it take an average of your 8 Dino’s?

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My team is only really a 4100 team (no Indoraptor and F2P also started in week 7ish I think) but I got really lucky and cracked 4271 :trophy: I would certainly drop back down. I probably would have received more rewards for the incubators I’ve missed but it’s not being able to battle that’s actually the most annoying.

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