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Tournament - am I the only one

…who finds that they press one thing and the game decides to choose your first move!!

It’s getting annoying as I’m playing and losing, win my next battle and the third battle does the same thing again. Win the fourth and guess what happens AGAIN in the fifth battle!

There is something seriously screwed up with this tonight. It was bad enough not being able to connect at all earlier (iOS crash for all Ludia games). And it isn’t like the disconnect bug where it keeps choosing the first move, it even states the move I’ve chosen but still plays the first move but will then work again next time but it’s too late as I’ve lost that dino or speed advantage etc.

Coupled with the lack of any notes about the update and me having several of my arena team ready to level up 1, 2 or even 3 levels and I’m getting pretty fed up. :triumph:


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some bugs don’t seem to be common, maybe are legendary or unique.

but this week when i was battling against a.i. at some time i hit opponent and opponent didn’t move. and the turn ended, so i did another move. VERY weird. i was thinking about conmection issue, but nothing weird happened other than this, and battle ended as usual.

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It is annoying. I swear it was happening to my opponent in one match as well so it must be a case of taking it in turns.

There’s not going to be much of a user base left at this rate.

That does seem frustrating, Vespasian, and I’m sorry to hear about it. I’ll make sure to bring it up with the team.

Thanks Ronald.

I can’t be bothered playing the tournament now as it happened so frequently. I’ve noticed someone else has commented about the same issue (maybe the person who I beat and thought it may have been happening to them!).

The PlayStation starts calling more and more when the bugs in this game become abundant.

You are not the only one.

I saw your post just now. It’s almost as if they want us to stop playing the game!

It’s actually a bug that seems to be tied to tournaments. It tends to disappear after the tournament that causes this problem, but sometimes it will bleed into the arena.

I managed to get my 10 take downs and I’m done. Not good for my alliance - we made tier 10 last tournament, but what is the point in playing to not get anywhere. If my opponent beats me with skill I’ll applaud them, if they beat me by luck I’ll be irked but that’s the way it goes. If they beat me as they could choose moves and no matter what I do I can’t, then that’s the tipping point and when you have to walk away from something clearly broken.

I did my 10 takedowns too, and since it’s mostly a coin tournament, I might not participate much. I’m more after boosts or HC. Best is when I can use my Kaprosuchus. I enjoy arena more than most tournaments, in spite of the droppers.

What happens to me is that my buttons appear several seconds after the counter starts, making it impossible to win any speed tie. So many matches i lost because the opponent would simply put his secodontosaur to attack mine, which was also full health. If there was any fairness in the game, the outcome would be 50:50, but no. I dont stand a chance.

So far I havent had a fun skill tournament. ProceRat tournaments suck. These lucky ducky tournaments suck too. Matchmaker is just trolling. Same.fella times in a row.

Arena is far superior to.this trash fire in.that at least I can win and put in more .thinking. This is pretty.much do you live near Ludia and do you have luck. I feel.there is no skill in these Skill Tournament. Whether in terms of team building or actual battles.

Are you are talking about the bug where you have your moves ready, you click it, but the moves don’t go down and there is just an empty spot? For that, I restart my game mid-battle to try and salvage it

No this was different. I selected a move it displayed that on screen alongside the opponents move but it would do whatever the first move is.

This happens to me 30% of the time or so… so its super often!