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Tournament Appreciation Thread

I don’t know about you folks, but I am absolutely loving this tournament. An amazing amount of variety in a balanced playing field makes this way better than the normal tournies we have.

No more of the 10 of the same dinos every round vs RNG.

Only downside are the constant disconnects and timeouts!


At least you have bucks to play the tournement which I don’t well I hope he fix the connection too

I love the concept of it and I hope they repeat this one again when they have fixed the issues.

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I love the idea of an open skill tournament (no hybrids and the variety is good etc), but it would be soooo much better without the timeouts and freezes. Although it is slightly better now than it was earlier today. But still, very unpredictable :confounded:


You just received free 100 cash just now! Join in!


Yup tournament sounds awesome. I’ll join only after they fix the connection issue. But Ludia got the idea absolutely spot on in this!

Ludia screwed up a perfectly good game, now it has so many issues . Put it back.


So many complaints about something thats opt out… you choose to spend 100 hc knowing there was a good chance it like the rest of the game is buggy right now.

I got some issues with 1.7 and i wish they delayed it longer to iron it out… but there were litterally like 5 new threads every day asking for patch right now. Between that and them having to rerun events forced their hand.

They even refunded the entry fee. I for one love what this tournament brings to the game. And look forward to the next one with hopefully less issues.

My only issue with the tourney is I have a job… How have some people gained 1400 trophies 30 at a time in a few hours? Go outside, my god


The only downside?
It’s kinda a big downside.
When you put the downside next to the upside…
The real upside is the tourney in now free. No harm, no foul.
We will report, Ludia will fix, the future isn’t so bad.
But living in the now isn’t so hot from my perspective.

reward only for 500 players means:

just one more part of the game dedicated to hardcore players.

the other thousands of players can keep enjoying dino collection, tower events and AR (ups, sorry, my S7 doesnt have this for 1.7).

ill use that $100 for another purpose.

now we have 2 tournaments with rewards exclusive for:

  • hardcore players that pay a lot of money to get level 3000 uniques.
  • hardcore players that dont have a life and play 24h/day.


meantime… normal players, lets have some fun! :wink:


It’s a fun opportunity to play with creatures you wouldn’t usually use on a level playing field. It’s a refreshing change from arena. Change my mind.


Im enjoying the games but seriously, I was highly ranked 2 hours in but had to go to work and now Im 2000 trophies behind?

Yep, love the fact that they can do their thing and we can do ours. I hated arena battles during tournaments. Now I just hate them always 8D. Once they get the disconnection issues fixed though it will be much better.

On paper, it’s a great idea.
However, with all of the time outs, glitches and the game freezing every time you win a battle, it has become more trouble than it’s worth.

Minus all the glitches I think it’s great and nothing should change

Help me understand Why I have to change my team globally to play in a tournament? My team is made up of 7 hybrids. So I have to delete my team and use only common, rare and epic in order to join the tournament. Now I have to use that same team to participate in non tournament battles? How is that a good thing? Am I missing something? Maybe it’s explained somewhere and I overlooked it. Thanks

No, you can change back and forth between your tournament team and your original team.

The problem then would be you constantly changing between them whenever you want to get incubators or something.

That’s when it gets annoying

I like this basic dino tournament so far.

I put in all T-rex types… T-rex, T-rex G2, Allo, Turbo, Concave, Raja, Carno, Gorgo. Won the battle.

I switched to the 6 basic long necks that we have and put 2 sewer tad poles. I won 3-0 using just the 3 long necks that got drawn.

So far so good.

I appreciate that I got 100 HC in my inbox, despite not taking part :+1:t2:
I had a feeling there’d be bugs galore, so I figured, “Save it for half a Rare Scent.”

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