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Tournament autopilot three times in a row

Three battles in a row i lost because i couldnt pick any move. I pushed buttons but the timer counted down and i did base attack. At one time my opponent appeared to have the same loss of control but then they regained it and used a non-base attack. I rebooted between each occasion. Why would i keep playing your game ludia, please motivate me?


Might have been better to post this under Bug Reports. The dev team will see it faster that way imo.

This is a known bug, that mostly happen when you win speedtie. So I’m usually losing speedties on purpose if I can.

Really hope they will fix it with update.

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I’ve moved to bug reports now for the OP.

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I’m sorry to hear about this, Ericoooo. The team is aware of this and they’re working to address the issue. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at Your patience is appreciated!

Wait, seriously? Winning a speedtie triggers it?


Yes, usually.

Though even if you lose it if you are tapping like mad, can trigger it.


Ok so I can either not try, and lose because I’m slower, or try and win and lose because I’ll get locked out like this. Wow. :confused:

I’m taking risk on last move of the battle. At start rather lose speedtie.