[Tournament Balance Discussion]Epic Hybrids

In the last tourney (Spinoconstrictor) we saw few epic hybrids completly dominate the game leaving the rest completly behind.
I will talk about 3 categories:
The most used:A must have,among the strongest!If you made a team only with it,the victory is sure
The barely see:Sometime,some original people don’t play to win,but for the pleasure to use average power dino,they are not bad,not good either
The “Do not pick up or you loose”:Among the worst in his category,when you see the opponent using them,you think:a free victory

The most used were:

-Sarcorixis::The clear number 1,without it,don’t expect to be part of the top500,literally a must have because of his devastating 2950dmg in 1 turn ,the double stun and the no escape combo.On advantage tourney:With enough Speed and Dmg boost,you can do 3-0 without even getting hurt.

-Thylaco : Probably the number 2 with the recent buff ludia gave her in 2.1 .Really strong with the best bleeding move of the game ,the rending takedown and the immunity to slow.

-IndomG2 : One of the best fierce creature in the epic hybrids.
With 2 ability to increase his damage and all the immunities,Indominus was a really great addition to the team ,as it could aswell be a counter to thylaco and sarco (Only on skill tourney)

-Purrutaurus : A good traper,completly obliterate by sarcorixis but is efficient enough to trap his victims and play mind games with them.

-Entelechops : One of the rare sarco counter even on advantage tourney,is with indomG2 one of the best fierce creature,the stun immunity is really helpful to deal against sarco and the swap in dmg/stun.

-Velosrhacos : The newcomer is really good,and well balance.The stun immunity allow him to be a nice revenge killer and to punish the swap in stunners!The double rampage hurt a lot and can be spam forever.One weakness:Resilient which can kill it.In advantage tourney,too young to have an opinion.

-Erlikogamma : Erli was really good to shut down quickly velosharcos (even if the speed tie made people scream a lot),a nice turn one rampage,a swap resistance.It suffer from the same weakness of Velosharcos.

The barely see were:

-Postimetrodon::The first twin brother is nice but not powerful enough to do his job,his immunity is a really nice addition as his 4500hp pool,but the damage done are too weak considering you can be destroy by any cunning creature.

-Stegoceratops:The only swap in stunner of his category :A bit underwhelming,people had prefer to use wooly rhino which is not a hybrid surprisingly.

-Procerathomimus:The recent buff made yoshi stronger again (instead of monomimus),it suffer from the same weakness from erliko and velosrhacos ,but it get an horrible turn 1 if you face a resilient,and is too slow for a cunning (127 speed only).

-Majundaboa:I have seen 3-4 players using it as 3td pick,to be comfort a victory:if the opponent swap out,he became strong.The problem is ,itself he is weak,too slow to be dangerous and to set up his shield or ferocious ability and too squishy to survive more than 2 round.

-Gorgosuchus:The second twin brother,Probably the icon of the fierce in epic hybrids,he was in the same spot as postimetrodon:Seen sometimes but it lack something,too weak to be efficient.

-Brontolasmus:If the last patch didn’t nerf it,it would be in the most used,now brontolasmus is too squishy to be an efficient tank,completly shut down by sarcorixis,thylaco,entelechops and on a speed tie win ,by indomG2

The “Do not pick up or you loose” were:

-Dimodactylus:Dimodactylus have really cool design and abilities ,but it will always be used for the swap in bleed oftenly resulting into a kamikaze move ,resulting in loosing a dino.

-Edmontoguanodon:A past beast i used to lvl to 30,when it was a health and runner ,now,it is good to use on Pve,a complete disaster on tourney,one word:Unusable.

-Armagocephalus:Completly unseen,it lack everything:If an opponent draw velosrhacos and you point him out?just ignore it and swap to sarcorixis,this guy make me feel he is sleeping on the battlefield,when you face it,you just have no pressure.

-Megalogaia:Fast for a resilient,even if its the best of this pool (or the worst of the barely seen),it lack something to be really strong,he was almost unseen.

-Nodopatosaurus:Completly unseen on the last 2 tourneys:The rework made me think it was cool to bring him back,but it seem this is still not enough.

-Scaphotator:Scaphotator have the same curse as dymodactylus,a kamikaze which flight ,i don’t understand his kit since he his too squishy to use it and have not enough punch to be a threat.

-Spinotahraptor:The last hybrid with a simple strike,Too squishy (less hp than procera and erlikogamma which are cunnings.)

What are your opinion about them?
If you don’t agree,feel free to categorize them.


The most used are good creatures, but a lot of reworks needs to be done on the weaker hybrids, they aren’t worth using, which is pretty sad given we have so many creatures but are limited to a few

Exactly my though,do you agree with the list?
If you have suggestion to balance the weakest,you are welcome

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I haven’t read in detail, but i totally agree with the placements. I have done reworks on some of them, i’ll post here later

Anyone here have suggestion about how to balance them?

I am thinking of rebalancing and hybrid of Dsungia

That’s what I have for now

download (42)

download (15)

download (41)

download (40)

download (51)


So for:

  • postimetrodon:-300hp but +300dmg?seem good for me,it will be weaker against cunning but will be strong enough to be fear!I say yes to it!

-Gorgosuchus : -600HP ,+350dmg and a stun resistance,replace of adrenaline surge instead of cleanse impact.Why not,i think it can be nice.Stun resistance is a must,i agree.

-Dimodactylus : +300hp,-1speed, fierce strike become long defensive,short defense become ferocious strike ,got a counter armor piercing,and immunity to stun and speed decrease.
I agree for most part,not sure about speed decrease and stun.

-Majundaboa : +600hp ,+6speed,simple but it is all it need to be good,It have my approval!I wish it can be viable one time in this game history,his no escape ability is really cool and unique.

-Scaphotator : +300hp, +400dmg ,earn stun immunity and speed resistance,and turn greater emergency heal into lethal wound.I am unsure about this one.I mean i used to love scaphotator for his ability to heal back,lethal wound is too commonly see in bleeders ability,it is not very original.
For the stats ,i completly agree.Maybe 1400 is too much,1300 or 1350 is enough i might think.
And about the immunity,maybe it start to be too much stun immunities,i think he should have different immunity from dimodactylus.
I think they should be close as is erlikogamma and velosrhacos

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Good thread, finally some buff creature thread. Well i agree those creature need buff to counter the other king of epic.

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I didn’t change the speed, It was already 126

So, I wasn’t really sure on scaph either, I tried to make It into a bleed kamikazi with lethal wound and no escape, but It can still just swap in and immediatly run with cleansing swoop, so cleansing swoop is kind of a trade off for losing the heal. I gave It 1400 damage because It really doesn’t have many strong multipliers and the resistances are similar because they have a similar niche, they are fierce, and counter resilients, but since scaph is part cunning i guess It doesn’t need stun resistance as It can kill fierce and resilient-fierce and let dimo take care of resilients

Thanx :smiley:

No problem,i try to be as much honest as possible.
I love their design aswell and i have the feeling it can be really nice for them to receive that.
Maybe for majundaboa,600hp is a bit too much,but it need around 4000hp at least.


Here is my proposal for megalogaia:
Stats remain untouched:
Bellow replace with wild runner:Bellow was useless on megalogaia,with already 2 shields move and almost 3 to slow your opponent,bellow have no place here:No one of his ancestor have it,and i feel it should have his own signature.

Group acceleration will replace bellow,giving him the opportunity to be faster than the cunnings.

It earn minor heal on escape : because megaloceros got it,it is just pure logic to see it again.

It earn +25% distraction resistance,he is a resilient ,it is a just a little weapon so he is not completly dominated by the cunnings and as trade of,he loose 25% resistance to vulnerability.
It earn 67% resistance to swap prevention,his ancestor megaloceros got 100%,it is just a few ,so he can swap out (not 100% include to not having bad luck)

So,it will be stronger against the swap in moves ,will be harder to take him down,but it will still struggle against the fierces such as indomG2 and gorgosuchus.

The megalogaia’s signature will be the healing.Rending him annoying,but not for pure fierces.

I think 4200 is good for majundaboa, but no more than that, remember that It will always take a big hit from a speedster before It can kill them, so It needs the bulk. I say it’s fine because any fierce hybrid will still easily kill It, so It doesn’t matter that It has more HP, It doesn’t change the matchup against its counters

I’m not sure on this one, maybe instead of healing wild runner could accelerate, It would be pretty useful since as a resilient It should counter speedsters. Or even group acceleration

why not,group acceleration can be nice.


The rest of them

download (48)

download (47)

download (54)

download (45)

download (44)

download (43)

I didn’t do stegoceratops cause i think it’s mostly fine and If i buffed It It would end up as good as monostegotops lol
And If you think about It it’s not that stegoceratops is bad, it’s just that woolly rhino is too strong

Also, one more @Robert_baratheon1
download (52)
I nerfed sarco’s speed to 115 so that majundaboa can counter It. I think It doesn’t need any more nerfs than that, with all the other buffs sarcorixys is no longer OP compared to the others and has gained many counters


For armagocephalus

Decelerating impact was useless,it was replace with Hammer blow

,basically,a stronger version of superior vulnerability,it is a rampage as got euoplocephalus,moreover,it bring opponent 2 turn vulnerability,but beware,It don’t cleanse distraction and don’t hit through the dodge!
It get a new on escape action:a delayed bone breaker ,which allow him to slow and to make vulnerable the next opponent he will face.It will occure before the swap in damage if the opponent choose to swap in rhino for example.

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I changed scaphotator again. But to be honest I’m not so sure what to do with It. Lethal wound isn’t original but i think It works. How would you rework scaph?

Really nice,
Brontolasmus: +300hp ,-100 dmg,earn swap in defense.
So the hp is clearly welcome,i own a max lvl almost max boosted bronto and what i can say is,it is not bulky enough.Any rampage or ferocious impact first turn hurt him too badly,i completly agree with the +300hp,the -100dmg nerf is not really necesary,and the swap in defense can be welcome.

Megalogaia:+200dmg,group acceleration ,swap in headbutt , minor heal on escape,distraction ,speed decrease 100%.
I think as we said group acceleration is a nice addition,minor heal on escape a must,50% distraction resistance might be a little bit too much but i am unsure.
I disagree for speed decrease 100%.And for the +200dmg,isn’t it too much?

Edmontoguanodon::+300hp,group superiority instead of group cleansing strike and greater stunning rampage instead of resilient impact.
The +300hp is welcome,but the problem with it ,he is perfectly balance in a Pve environment,so i don’t think the stats have to be change (or else maybe ludia shall create 2 stats,one for Pve and another one for pvp),healing and run miss me !It was a cool swap in gameplay.

+4speed,evasive impact instead of evasive stance.
Agree for the speed,i think it should be as fast as monomimus.He have a bad turn 1,im questioning about evasive impact,not sure if that wouldn’t make him too strong then.
Giving him 2 attack made him a good revenge killer,his distracting rampage being devastating.

Armagocephalus : : The changes work,but even a +50dmg won’t make him dangerous,it definitly need a rampage,so the opponent don’t just have to simply swap in gorgosuchus.

Spinotahraptor+150hp,fierce strike,cunning rampage instead of cunning impact.apparition of no escape,immunities to DoT,distraction and rend.This one is perfect,the rend immunity even make him a great counter to thylacotator.Sadly,there are already 3 no escape in epic hybrids (Sarco,purrutaurus and dimodactylus) maybe something different ?

Nodopatosaur:resilient rampage and stun immunity:Nice,maybe enough to finally make him viable?

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