Tournament balance

So i was doing the Mamoth tournament, using relatively low level dinosaurs, and what happens, I end up facing a LV.16 indoraptor… how am I supposed to fight an indoraptor, much less a level 16 one with a Majungasaurus, a Diplocaulus, and an Argentinosaurus?! Even with them at LV.40?!

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What you face is based on a couple of things from what I can tell.

Most important item that is taken into consideration is where you are in the tournament scale, are you in predator, hunter, dominator…?

Where you are in that scale towards the bottom, middle, top?

What dinosaurs you have selected to fight?

Random tough battle gets thrown in.

These are generally the items that seem to be taken into account when barreling in the tournament. I have thrown in the random tough battle as I have experienced when I have selected low level Dino’s when I really shouldn’t have based on where I am in the rankings and the code seems to punish you by selecting a set of Dino’s that far out gun yours. This is one instance for the tough battle the second is again based on whatever in the code decides to stick it to you with an out matched battle but if you do win you get more tournament points than you would normally. Sounds like you might have experienced the first instance.