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Tournament - Ban List

What are people’s thoughts on having a Ban list for different tournaments?

Take this weekends one - Entelomoth - way to OP and literally only 1 counter in IndoGen2. If you didn’t have it in our team then you were pretty much at a massive disadvantage right from the offset…

… then take the epic hybrid tournament the other week - Protocerathomimus. was the OP one then, again if you didn’t have him in your 4 you more than likely lost.

Obviously there can be arguments to nerf them but perhaps if that’s not going to happen anytime soon, then having a Ban List like other games, e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc. would help address the balance and bring about a bit more variation to people’s teams.


If there is a ban list, then that admits fault with the creature. Why not just nerf the creature then?


Actually, tarkus and indom were other counters. Sure moth was a pain, but it’s doable to take it down. I had many battles this morning without moth and did fine. It requires a bit of sacrifice to take down. You just need to save indo for when you see it

Here’s another problem with that statement. If they allow some creatures to be banned, then others will rise to take their place. there will be nothing to stop them now that 2 creatures that would most likely kill them are gone. Eventually, you’ll reduce the available creatures to about 12, and there will be some that still dominate the tournament. It would never work.

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Mammoth and Rhino hybrids need a nerf,to powerfull, to bulky and take speedsters like nothing

Well, all rhinos except for elasmotherium were nerfed. I think they’re fine with the exception of mammolania. That thing should be touched, but there is a fine line between a fair nerf and a hard nerf

If they take their inmunities that would be great

On moth, remove DoT immunity. It should have one at least


Don’t ban a creature from a tourney, just nerf it. I wouldn’t have nor see any problems if moth gets definite strike for persistent ferocious strike.

It should keep it. I feel that PFS needs a rework. Like +25% attack. Then distraction effects actually work on it

I feel like moth deserves to bypass evasion and it already has mutual fury to boost it’s attack. So I think Moth deserves that definite strike, I feel like the PFS makes it op.

That’s what makes all the mammoth hybrids. Everyone complains about how cautious strike is OP, but PFS goes under the radar

In the very old datamine files it was originally 33% for 2 turns. Seems like they thought similarly originally, then decided to make Mammoth exclusive and ramp it to 50% lol

Really. I was unaware of this. Where did you find this??

A Russian dataminer who would put out his findings on his twitter. PFS has existed in the files for a long time, several patches ago, just only introduced with Mammoth and in a more powerful state than first discovered

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Is that the same guy who leaked scutasaurus and majungaboa??

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Wasn’t that Ferocious Shattering Strike? That’s a separate move, and it’s one I proposed replace PFS on Entelomoth.
The Legendary Goat had it too.

Oh you’re right! Totally forgot about that. Wonder why we still haven’t gotten that?