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Tournament Battles Don't Register Moves

Since yesterday and this has happened thrice - when I battled in tournament and even picked a move, the game didn’t even proceed and the timer went all the way down before it picked the first move of the moveset.

For example when I tried to put Scutosaurus in, it wasted all the time and then I had to see my Woolly Rhino enter. Even then I tried to pick Resilient Rampage, it registered Shield Taunting Strike literally every move.

I have already lost three matches now because of this bug. Not just in tournament but even when I participate in friendly battles this happens. I’m running the game on a Galaxy S21 Ultra, with almost 130 GB storage and 3.7 GB RAM free. Is this happening to anyone else as well?

Sorry for the trouble, Jurassic_Fury. The team would be happy to take a deeper look at this. You can send an email to along with your support key. Thank you!

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This was happening to me during the tourney today, too, although a restart fixed it. I’d tap the move icon and either it would appear like I’d chosen the proper move but would just run out the timer and go with the default strike, or the move icon would disappear entirely.

After yesterday’s match I restarted the game and it worked fine, today morning when I just logged in again the first match glitched out like that.

It started with a speedtie between my Boa and Opponent’s, I picked my move immediately after the first turn ended (I picked Decelerating Impact which registered) but the timer went all the way down on the second round and then I saw Resilient Strike had been registered instead. :confounded:

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